Vol 6, No 2 (2013)

Published November 18, 2013



Hydrological Characteristi cs of Tisza Valley, the Hydrodynamic Modeling of River

Conveyance capability has changed signifi cantly in the last decades of the Tisza River. As a result of human interventi ons and natural changes of the river bed the elevati ons and durability of fl oods are conti nuously growing. Increasingly higher fl oods are more and more threatening the sett lements of the region, agricultural areas and pe...ople’s livelihood. Hydrology and hydrodynamic modeling play an important role in avoiding fl ood damage as well as in the
solutions to mitigate the destructi on. 

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From the water quality problem to the technological solutions

Despite the general ti tle the study poses specifi c proposals for resolve the water quality problems, notably the possible methods of eliminati on of microbiological objecti onablety in the Water Company of Szolnok.

Could be Restored the Presti ge of the Organic Socilal Institution? High school students’ opininons about marriage and family in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County

The research examines the family and the marriage from young generati on’s perspective. On one hand, opinions of today’s young people before mate choice refl ect the status of nowadays family, habits; on the other hand they predict the behavior of the next generati on in relation with family founding.

Strategy of Educational Culture Change

The true measure of a nati on’s standing is how well it att ends to its children – their health and safety, their material security, their education and socialization, and their sense of being loved, valued, and included in the families and societi es into which they are born. This article is a strategy. How possible to change educational c...ulture in Hungary.

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Vocational Training, Labor Market and Immigration Policy in Russia

In point of view of labour market the immigration has become the major factor in recent ti mes. The main tasks of immigration policy: compensation of labour shortages in relation with demographic and aging population problems; to sati sfy the long-term demand for labour in some business sectors; to ensure the labor supply of innovati on-qualifi... ed investment processes; organizing of preparati on of experts from requested profession; to limit the short-term unskilled
labor immigrati on; creating the necessary conditi ons and broaden the opportuniti es for immigration for business use.

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Lessons of the Value Assessment

IThe students going into vocati onal schools generally present a poor performance in the primary school, they experience much failure, because they have to repeat classes or their study achievements are hardly bett er than 2 (a pass). According to the results of research works, vocati onal school students are exclusively those, who have been fo...rced into this area by the harsh social determining factors. Their value-orientati on/value-selecti on are greatly infl uenced
by their starti ng point (family environment). Most of the children admitt ed to vocati onal schools come with signifi cant social and educati onal disadvantage. Most of the gypsy pupils suff er from such a failure at the very beginning of their school studies that they drop out. The failures are expressed in their defi ciency in studies but the sensiti vity, the lack of ability to tolerate failures are also important in case of the gypsy children. Sti ll, the further educati on is the channel of social mobility. Major questi ons of the assessment: can the underprivileged situati on of these young roma people be eliminated using this unique value training programme applying its various teaching mean; will the secondary citi zen feeling be reduced or eliminated through collecti ve work and learning the instruments and methods to be used for promoti ng personal advancement; will the value-programme solve the existi ng confl icts between the young ones, who treat the school as a strange insti tute and the teachers, who consider the young ones who disapprove of the existence of school if they mutually accept the status of being diff erent; will the special value training programme provide enough knowledge to give chance for the parti cipants to be
competi ti ve on their life. The answer of the four-years assessment is that these young roma ones can be changed.

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Philosophical Subversion and Political Risk – The Role of the Demystificati on and Subversive Thought in Nietzsche’s “Machiavellian” Spinoza-interpretation

In my paper I attempt to introduce the main points of Nietzsche’s inconstant Spinozainterpretations. According to my concepti on Nietzsche in his affirmative period regarded Spinoza as a subversive thinker who was committed to demystification. I analyse the rotational acts used by the two philosophers and show the limits of this subversive ac...ti vity. I demonstrate the politi cal aspects of the subversion and try to detect the infl uence of Machiavelli’s “virtù”- conception in Nietzsche’s affirmative interpretation.

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Verseghy Circle, a Civil Organization in Szolnok

The Verseghy Circle was established 20 years ago, on 26 November 1993, in Szolnok. The associati on is preserving the cult of Ferenc Verseghy (1757-1820) scholar-poet, nati ve of Szolnok. It also assists and tends to events and acti viti es related to him. Besides traditi ons of language and literature, it also promotes other arts and disciplin...es. Based on the creati vity of the members, it seeks to explore and promote the values of Szolnok, with very special tools. Thus,
it strengthens the identi ty and patrioti sm of the inhabitants of Szolnok. The Verseghy Circle is a voluntary NGO, which organizes scienti fi c meeti ngs, local studies and inaugural lectures for its local patriot membership and the general public. This paper is the account of the past two decades by one of the founders, the oldest member of the Circle.

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Tracking the Tunnels of Szolnok Castle (Data to the history of a forgott en excavation)

There was a recurring news in Szolnok that beneath the castle tunnels could be found. Finallythe Arti sts’ Colony of Szolnok (the Pólya brothers, Ferenc Chiovini, Lajos Jancsó director) initiated an excavati on in 1934 to clarify the situati on. It was reported at the end of May 1935 when the excavati on closed that remains of a 600-700 yea...r-old church was unearthed in the castle parish garden and the supposed entrance of the tunnel could be the crypt of that church. However the parish-priest made the work stop because the parsonage wall was att ached to the church and he feared for damages. Presumably the documentati on of the excavati on was perished in 1944 with the documents of the Art Associati on. The amateur excavati on was not identi fi ed during the excavati ons in 1973 and today’s archaeologists in Szolnok do not know the bygone events. However data comparison shows that the two excavati ons
touched two diff erent parts of the same archaeological object (the Ott oman mosque and the old gothic Christi an church), so thus they belong together. When the local media talks about the possible restorati on of Ott oman-Turkish buildings in Szolnok it is not needless to analyze that excavati on because the remains can easily conceal the oldest building of Szolnok.

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CAD/CAM Systems Educati on in the 21st Century

Educati on of engineers’ excellent knowing tools, theory and practi ce of computer-aided design is very important for the universities and colleges. They give for graduate students’ specializati on for CAD/CAM which profession is one of the most competi ti ve in the job market. Academic training courses combining the design, producti on and... technology is only possible in this directi on by using the most modern equipment and with the modern thinking people involved in this field of science.

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Rotary-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The weight of these flying devices ranges from some dekagrams to ten tons. They can be used even in cases when the mission is too dangerous to risk the life of human beings, so the main field of their application is the military aviation (reconnaissance, observati on, and even armed att ack). The practical solutions of their airframe structure ...are more colourful than that of the traditional manned aircraft airframe structures. It is understandable considering that even extraordinary soluti ons can be tried with relati vely small financial risk. The airframes of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are smaller and their designers are not so keen for conventional solutions. By their airframe structure, three diff erent categories can be separated: fi xed wing, rotary wing and hybrid. By the takeoff and landing solutions, also there are three categories: Horizontal Take Off and Landing – HTOL), Vertical Take Off and Landing – VTOL) and their combination. The objective of this paper is to introduce the performance of VTOL types and to present their possible applicability as well as their limitations.

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Air and Ground Maintenance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Human error will pose a threat to the operati on of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), just as it does in other fi elds of aviati on. If UAVs are to be permitt ed to operate in the Nati onal Airspace System (NAS), it will be necessary to understand the human factors associated with these vehicles. The aim of this arti cle is to give recommendati ...ons for the safe and effi cient airport operati ons management methods, processes, and examines of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles gained over the past use of air and ground experience.

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Innovative Biodiesel Production

The importance of the research of the biofuels is moti vated according to the Hungary’s Renewable Energy Acti on Plan, on the other hand the Europe 2020 also emphasizes the smart and sustainable growth. The direct objecti ve of the research program is to investi gate the applicati on of microwave pre-treatment for bio-energeti c, the indirect... objecti ve is to ensure security of energy supply. Based on the experiences, the microwave energy is preferably used for intensifi cati on of certain chemical reacti ons. Pre-experimental experiences have shown that microwave irradiati on in the transesterifi cati on of vegetable oils (transesterifi cati on with methanol and NaOH catalyst) results in reducti on of ti me and energy demand of the process. Producti on of vegetable oil-based is made with microwave-assisted technology under diff erent method, operati onal and process parameters. As a result of the experiments established that the
transesterifi cati on reacti on ti mes of the microwaved transesterifi cati on are reduced signifi cantly compared to the conventi onal transesterifi cati on reacti on ti me, however, further investi gati on of compositi on of treated mixture and dielectric characteristi cs of the components are necessary to optimize the procedure for energy aspects.

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Solution of Abstract Beauty Mathematical Theorems to the Foundation of Computer Science

The theoretical computer science went through enormous development in the past decades. His results due to the widespread use of computers infl uence our daily work without the use of it we cannot imagine our life already today. But perhaps few people think that talented Hungarian mathemati cal generation worked in 20 and 30 years of 20. Centur...y without whose acti vity these applications could not have come into exist. In our paper we present the results of Pál Erdős and along with a new generati on of mathemati cal chapter openers, which developed common theory through research and which become since the basis of computer science and informati on theory.

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The Role of the so Called “Alternative Animal Species” (Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, Poultry, Rabbit) and their Products in the Regional Farming

traditi ons in each region. In addition, nowadays the infl uence of the so called invasive species is also decisive. The eff orts to protect the farming environment and the range of products have renewed those needs that return to the past traditi ons. Some examples of animal races and species are living their renaissance: jersey and hoary catt... le, “coloured” pigs (black and white belted pigs, Cornwall, Berkshire) There are getti ng also importance some parti ally forgott en sheep, goat, Hungarian hen, Hungarian giant rabbit and other species. The process is widened with the products manufactured from the menti oned animal species and the marketi ng: rural tourism, events, meeti ngs and rural development. This way, the special quality regional artisan products will enhance the development of a region; will sati sfy the export necessities, and enrich the product scale with diff erent “regional tastes”.

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Micropropagati on of Berry Fruits (Cornus Mas, Hippophae Rhamnoides, Lonicera Caerulea, Amelenchier Alnifolia, And Aronia Melanocarpa)

We resolved the in vitro micro propagati on of some berry fruits, especially those which contains more fl avonoids, and anti oxidants. Shoot tip cultures were established, and the rooting and acclimati zati on procedures were successfully.

The Impact of Corruption and Hidden Economy on the Operation of the SME Sector

Corrupti on is a complex phenomenon related to hidden economy, which is also a barrier to economic development and hinders the outbreak from the crisis. Corrupti on is becoming a more sophisti cated instrument of hidden economies and is present in every country parallel to the ever intense accelerati on of our globalized world. Its extent depen...ds on, among other things, economic dispariti es, social deformati ons, unequal burden-sharing, the rather ingenious forms of tax evasion, social morality, the country’s economic development, controlling mechanism and, more importantly, the subtle relati ons of economic crime with the prevailing powers. Hidden economy and corrupti on are interrelated phenomena. Uneven economic development, unemployment, social insecurity, contradicti ons of the legal regulati ons, and lack of transparency all provide an incenti ve to the violati on of ethical business practi ces, the exploitati on of the benefi ts of economic crime, the reinvestment of such profi ts into the business sphere and the appearance of corrupti on in the politi cal decision-making. Corrupti on is a social symptom, a subsistence constraint, a deviant form as well as a status security instrument, the mild (moral) judgment of which encourages parti cipati on in the hidden economy and economic crises. If the state or the politi cs seeks to infl uence the development of the economy and assumes excessive responsibility or procurer function, it diminishes the principle of public burdens and supports the expansion of corrupti on and the operati on of hidden economy at the sametime.

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Innovative aspects of tourism development in Russia

The author applies three main approaches to examine the tourism development in Russia, which has a variety of climatic zones and rich tourist resources, namely, cluster, special economic zones and targetoriented approaches. The specifi city of their implementati on is further observed at regional level. Conclusions and recommendations are aimed... at performance improvement of the tourism industry.

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