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The Examinati on of Consumer Behaviour in the Case of Dairy Products
Published August 6, 2020

In our paper we aimed to examine the milk consuming habits of the Hungarian populati on. We highlight how oft en and what type of dairy products are consumed by the populati on, what are the factors that infl uence their purchasing and consuming habits.

Family Roles and the Factors Influencing Purchases in the Case of Detergents
Published August 6, 2020

In our paper we examined the detergent purchase decisions, consumer behaviour and the Hungarian adult female population’s related role. After reviewing the relevant literature we conducted a field research, the most important findings of which can be found in this article. Our paper focuses not only on the purchase decision roles within the f...amily, but also on the examination of consumer behaviour related to detergent purchase also considering preferences, price sensitivity, and the attitude towards novel detergents. We also expand upon the effects of the external social environment exerted on families.

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Role of Children in the Case of Parental Food Store Choice
Published August 6, 2020

Family as a primary decision making unit of society have a significant role in purchase decision making processes of individuals. It has a significant role in consumer socialization and in the process how children become consumers. It is a frame, within what children learn to behave as consumers, acquire all
competencies concerning to and consumption, and hence become competent to other consumers. Change of children’s role within the family is in the air in the last period, and this has an effect on purchase decision making processes within the family maybe on food store choice too. 

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The Examination of the Factors Influencing the Tween Segment’s Consumer Behaviour and Attitude towards Advertisements
Published August 21, 2020

The importance and the relevance of the topic based on consumption psychology and advertising psychology can be approached from several aspects. The actors of business life managed to achieve that young people have become one of the most important target markets. Namely nowadays children and youngsters have been the most preferred target market..., they are the  future (consumers). Apart from this we live in a consumer society where goods are characteristically not only the tools of need fulfilment, but important influencing factors at the same time that form the basis of the formation of social status differences. In our present paper we examine that in 2015 in the web age how members of generation Z approach the subject of advertisements, what type of attitudes they have, and how these formulate their consumer behaviour or what are the motivating factors influencing nowadays’ teens when a customer decision is made. Hence our aim is to examine the consumer and media usage behaviour, the influencing factors, the motives, brand priority and attitudes towards advertisements of the tween segment living in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County.

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The interrelationship between the factors influencing retail selection behavior and FMCG market network
Published August 21, 2020

From the consumer behaviour perspective the role of retail selection have a salient importance. Hence in the case of FMCG markets network development as a key area of store chains’ distribution systems is a substantial tool in competition for customers. In our paper we investigate the main network development influencing factors in the case o...f main store chains is Hungary. We also detail the relationship between the size and the change of store chains and the consumer store choice, possibilities, and the freedom-level of decision making

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The Effective Methods of Communication and Dissemination on the Basis of the Experience of the Project
Published August 21, 2020


Consumer etnocentrism in aspect of trade marks
Published August 6, 2020

In the last few years a new tendency seems to stand out: Hungarian products are in vogue, more than ever. This tendency overwhelming the whole society so much, that it could not be unnoted. All type of products printed with kitschy Hungarian motives, even at the post office you are surrounded with “Hungarian products” when queuing. What is ...the reason for the popularity of Hungarian products? Why we are sticked to our nationality so much nowadays? It is just a drug for us or there much more behind the scenes? One thing is sure: the market reacting very intensively and fast to this “national” need. In our paper we try to find answers to all these questions. We examine the role of trademarks and try to segment the market by the ethnocentrism of consumers. 

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Women’s Buying Habits in the Case of Cosmeti c Products
Published August 6, 2020

In our present study we wish to point out the peculiariti es of women’s cosmeti cs buying habits. In our interview examinati on we have tried to get a closer picture of the characteristi cs of women’s buying habits and their atti tudes to cosmeti cs. The topicality of our research has been supported by several phenomena. On the one hand, th...e most frequent associati on with women is ‘beauty’; a woman always has to be well-groomed, prett y, and beauti ful according to the expectati ons of society. On the other hand, the appreciati on of the role of the body appears as a general trend in society, which means that each product or service, which serves bodily culture and care, play a more and more important role. Many other authors (Davis-Rigaux 1974, Popcorn- Marigold 2001, Pólya 2012) have already discussed women’s cosmeti cs buying habits, fi rst of all their decision making role within the family, but because of the topicality of the theme we have considered it important to conduct further, empirical examinati on.

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The Examinati on of Children’s Buying Habits
Published August 6, 2020

The family is the smallest unit of society. According to the classical, ideal interpretati on of family it consists of a father, a mother and at least of one child. According to the traditi onal model the father id the breadwinner, he supports the family; whereas the mother runs the household, she brings up the children; the children’s task i...s studying, perhaps helping the mother with running the household. On hearing the word ‘family’ ‘unity’ and ‘harmony’ come to mind, whereas each family member has diff erent personaliti es with more or less sameness. They try to solve the problems arising in the family together, but every family member can have their own problems. Family members infl uence one another’s decisions, which can involve economic decisions, too. The number of children exercises the greatest infl uence on economic decisions. In our fast, modern, consumer society children wield the most signifi cant purchasing power. Their needs usually defi ne the family’s purchasing habits. Today children demonstrate their own needs in the market.

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The Examinati on of Buying Habits in the Case of Hungarian Food Products
Published August 6, 2020

Hungarian customers have become more price sensiti ve and more conscious and their shopping occasions have become bett er planned as a result of the world economic depression. The freshness of the product, the price level, and the choice of goods have remained important aspects when choosing the place of shopping, but the signifi cance of off ers and price reducti ons has increased for customers. Our research fi ndings show that one goes shopping less
frequently than a couple of years earlier. The decrease of the frequency of shopping also means that the scope of shops visited has become wider; the customer is willing to go farther for a bargain; the convenience of shopping plays a secondary role. Because of go-around shopping customer royalty has fallen and customer spending has spread thin over shops.

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Born to Consume? Some Aspects of Consumer Socialization
Published August 21, 2020

Are we born as consumers or we become that during our lifetime? However most of human behavior in developed societies regarded as consumer behavior, we do not born with that knowledge but we rather acquire it step by step during our life. Studying consumer socialization makes it possible to understand the most the process of becoming a cons...umer, the context how consumers live in the society, what are the facts that have an effect on this process.

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The Value of Engineering and Technology, Agricultural, and Informatics Degrees on the Labour Market
Published August 21, 2020

Nowadays the rising unemployment rate for newly graduated students poses a considerable problem. Although obtaining a degree and a certificate is not enough on the labour market, it is a fact that college graduates' unemployment rates overall are still lower than the national average. In this paper we focus on the value of engineering and techn...ology degrees, agricultural degrees and the informatics degree on the labour market.

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