Vol. 6 No. Különszám (2013)

Women’s Buying Habits in the Case of Cosmeti c Products

Published August 6, 2020
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Pólya, Éva, & Kondacs, R. (2020). Women’s Buying Habits in the Case of Cosmeti c Products. Economica, 6(Különszám), 32-34. https://doi.org/10.47282/ECONOMICA/2013/6/Különszám/4455

In our present study we wish to point out the peculiariti es of women’s cosmeti cs buying habits. In our interview examinati on we have tried to get a closer picture of the characteristi cs of women’s buying habits and their atti tudes to cosmeti cs. The topicality of our research has been supported by several phenomena. On the one hand, the most frequent associati on with women is ‘beauty’; a woman always has to be well-groomed, prett y, and beauti ful according to the expectati ons of society. On the other hand, the appreciati on of the role of the body appears as a general trend in society, which means that each product or service, which serves bodily culture and care, play a more and more important role. Many other authors (Davis-Rigaux 1974, Popcorn- Marigold 2001, Pólya 2012) have already discussed women’s cosmeti cs buying habits, fi rst of all their decision making role within the family, but because of the topicality of the theme we have considered it important to conduct further, empirical examinati on.