Vol 8, No 1 (2015)

Published February 5, 2015



The Value of Engineering and Technology, Agricultural, and Informatics Degrees on the Labour Market

Nowadays the rising unemployment rate for newly graduated students poses a considerable problem. Although obtaining a degree and a certificate is not enough on the labour market, it is a fact that college graduates' unemployment rates overall are still lower than the national average. In this paper we focus on the value of engineering and techn...ology degrees, agricultural degrees and the informatics degree on the labour market.

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Trends in the Construction Industry and in Building Public Utilities

If one hears the word construction industry, one probably associates it with building a house, but the concept of construction industry covers a much larger area and can be divided into colourful periods. Architecture is the transformation of the built environment. On the one hand it is one of the branches of arts (applied arts), on the other h...and it is one of the branches of engineering and technology disciplines. Nowadays, more and more environment-friendly technology is used in the construction industry, and already in the design stage a considerable emphasis is put on the use of renewable energy resources, in particular the use of solar cells. To measure the trends in the construction industry and in the building of public works we have also prepared a questionnaire which was filled in by 100 managers of enterprises.

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The Study Contract from the Point of View of the Labour Market and in Legal Respects

Nowadays labour market demands are more often satisfied by concluding a study contract at workplaces. This contract may generate a number of benefits for the employer and the employee as well. Taking into consideration the above mentioned, the author strives to summarize the necessity and the advantages of the study contract from the point of v...iew of the labour market; furthermore, the present paper explores how the study contract is regulated in the Hungarian
Labour Code. The Code stipulates fewer provisions on the study contract compared with the former labour law regulation, so parties have a greater freedom of choice to conclude contractual provisions taking their special employment relationship and labour market demands into account. In order to avoid legal disputes among the parties concerned the author tries to pay attention to the more important questions which should be regulated in a study contract.

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The Development of Logistics Service Centres through the Use of Results in Network researches

Logistics centres of a huge capacity and ability to create added value have emerged in recent decades. These centres have become network nodes among the co-operating organizations which accomplish the management of supply chains by connecting different modalities and networks with their infrastructure and informatics. The effective operation of... logistics centres present in business networks are usually managed by logistics supplier businesses (3PL/4PL). Defining the supply net as a complex network, logistics centres may be called hubs, the routes and relationships connecting the centres – by borrowing the term used in network theory – may be called edges. Taking into consideration the results of Barabási’s network research we are searching for correlations between his proven principles and the growth possibilities of the centres (hubs) operated by logistics service providers.

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Financial Management, the Savings of Life Cycles in Everyday Life

‘Money rules the world’ (BALYÓ, 2004, p. 3.) – it is an often used slogan which really determines our life. From an early age we realize how essential money is for us. It accompanies all our life. The quality of our life depends on how we can deal with our budget to be able to put aside as well. We can buy all the necessary items for eve...ryday life but we have to manage well in order to be able to achieve our objectives, too. During our life our individual and common goals are also essential. The right and appropriate decisions have a great share in using our money. There is outstanding importance of being conscious, sober-minded, and precise and up-to-date during planning. We have to take into consideration the opinion of all the family members. Decisions need to be made together if possible. In this study we would like to emphasize the role of self-care in different life cycles as well as show the result of our related primary research.

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Informed Choices on our Diet: How much we Really Know about Fish

The 1169/2011/EU regulation will come into force by the end of the year. The new regulation is more stringent than before, however non-processed foods continue to be exempt from nutrition labelling. At first, it might not seem to be an important issue, yet non-processed foods can contain as many artificial colouring agents and substances as pro...cessed food.

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The State of the Bulgarian Agricultural Sector in the First Period (2007-2013) of the EU Membership

With Bulgaria joining the European Union in 2007, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has become a decisive factor for the Bulgarian agriculture. The introduction and implementation of the CAP is far from optimal; positive and negative effects are both present. The performance of the agricultural sector in Bulgaria is not living up to its pote...ntial. Despite the subsidies received by the sector (more than 4 billion BGN), and the increasing national contributions between 2007 and 2013, its efficiency and profitability indicators have declined, and it remained at a low level of competitiveness. The processes of land concentration have accelerated. The SAPS subsidies are disproportionate and they prevent the shift to market orientation. The SAPS system caused
structural disharmony in the sector; the production of cereals and oilseeds has become predominant to livestock and fruit, and vegetable production. These problems can hardly be solved by the new CAP.

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Business Rhetoric - The Effectiveness of the Words of Manipulative Focus in Personal Selling

On a daily basis we encounter hundreds of sales techniques which are based on the manipulation. Marketing advisors are looking for the most effective tools which lead the client into their preferred direction. In the US there are several studies about this topic. The results of experiments in the US may not be justified by people living in a di...fferent culture, such as the Hungarian people. The objective of this research is to examine the findings of the research conducted by the American Sherman-Crawford-McConnel on the basis of research carried out with Hungarian people almost 10 years later. The hypothesis is that rejection in the area of finance with the Hungarians is especially true, but the factor of regret will be less significant after the rejection, in contrast with the US research. The results of my research show that when it comes to financial matters, the technique of focusing on future regret is less effective with Hungarians over 40. This paper gives practical advice to those who want to sell financial products to Hungarian audiences.

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Branding Hungary as a Health Tourism Destination: Asynchrony Problems

Branding a country as an attractive tourism destination is an extremely complex and long-term endeavour. There are several brand assessment systems using diverse methodology for creating brand indices for countries. In the Bloomberg brand indexing system Hungary is ranked 20th in Europe and by Future Brand 23rd in 2014. These placements are ind...icators of a relatively poor performance of Hungary as a nation brand and warrant an integrated image building effort
independent from the changing political power structure. There are certain basic principles to adhere to in branding a tourism destination be it settlement, regional or country level. One of the keys to succesful branding is synchronising marketing efforts on different levels. Asynchronous communication and strategies lead to confusion in image perception, hence the weakening of the brand. The present paper aims to examine some of the asynchronies in the branding of Hungary as a health tourism destination.

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Financing SMEs – Prospects in Hungary

After joining the EU, micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises came to the focus of attention in Hungary for their grandiose role in both employment and producing added value. Due to their flexibility, creativity and adaptability SMEs find new market opportunities easier. Also, SMEs can find their way and seize appearing opportunities more q...uickly under rapidly changing, insecure and high-risk circumstances.When analysing the sector, besides the investigation of the external environment, it is also important to focus on internal factors. The success of businesses is not only influenced by their access to financial resources, but also by their internal organisational structure and the standard of their organisational culture. In the present phase of world economy, when
transports are delayed, credits are harder to obtain and companies downsize, leaders have to make careful and considerate management and operational decisions. Thus financial decisions have considerable short and long-term effects on the success of business operation.This research paper aims at a comprehensive study of the present situation of the Hungarian SME sector, some of its financing opportunities, as well as factors that hinder its development. Another purpose of the present writing is to lay the theoretical foundations for a primary questionnaire research exploring the financing characteristics of SMEs in Hungary.

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