Vol 5, No Különszám (2012)

Published April 6, 2012



Young Romani People in Higher Educatiton

Are we prepared for the fact that young Romani people enter higher educati on in large numbers? Is the labour market ready for the recepti on of this newly appearing graduate group? Will these young people possess Romological knowledge acquired in higher educati on? Do we know what the Romani are like?

The Health Status of the Romani Population in the Context of Societal Crisis

The Romani population in Central Europe is fighting with many societal problems. Societal crises appear in connection with employment, housing, demographic development and backwardness in education. All these factors have a negati ve impact on the health of the population: the health status of the Romani is worse than that of the non-Romani pop...ulation living around them. The compensati on of these disadvantages does not solely depend on providing equal opportunities. The Romani people’s special diseases originating from their special genetic characteristics and their way of life distinguish them from the non-Romani population. A uniform treatment does not offer a solution. In their healthcare we should consider and give priority to the Romani specific
diseases, such as founder mutati ons common in the Romani populati on as autosomal recessive disorders. Whereas the mutati ons frequently observed in the Romani groups are sporadicin other, non-Romani populati ons worldwide. Thus the founder mutati on analysis is important for predicting the incidence of certain rare diseases not readily thought about in non-Romani, yet possibly present in the local Romani populati ons, especially when diagnosti c problems appear. The research of these diseases is especially important in terms of populati on genetics, public health, and also economically due to the expansive existence of the Romani populati on. The identification of these diseases allows a rapid diagnosis and in some cases it also delays the onset of symptoms. It can have a great impact on public health intervention as it makes the planning and the implementation of targeted preventative measures possible.

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The Béla Osztojkán Roma College at the College of Szolnok


The Work of the István Bethlen College in the 2011/2012 Academic Year


The Effects of Product Placement of Commercial Television Channels on Hungarian Consumers

Nowadays consumers can encounter a new adverti sing practi ce. The programmes of Hungarian television channels contain an increasing number of product placements perceived by consumers. Product placement is markedly different from the classical component of marketing-mix, so the opinions on product placement vary from country to country. In our... present research we have observes the effects that encourage advertisers to use product placement in their advertising activity. Our goal is to provide a short overview of the influence of product placement on the buying habits of customers.

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The Fat Tax in 2011 and in 2012

Approximately 119 million of the US population, that is 64.5 percent of the adult US population are either overweight or obese. 17.5 million young, obese people live in the European Union. The proportion of overweight or obese people is higher than 60% in Hungary. It causes a dramatic increase in health expenditure. Possible solutions include t...he introduction of a fat tax. Hungary introduced the fat tax in 2011. The rate of fat tax has increased in 2012.

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Research Findings in Logistics

The objective of our study is to present the case studies related to logistics and supply chain management which were studied and analyzed in the 2011 / 2012 academic year by a research group, which was established by the István Bethlen College (Szakkollégium). In our article we do not wish to give a theoretical overview of the two major topi...c areas because of the scope of the topics, but we try to present the problem and the possible solutions supported by practical examples.

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Family Roles and the Factors Influencing Purchases in the Case of Detergents

In our paper we examined the detergent purchase decisions, consumer behaviour and the Hungarian adult female population’s related role. After reviewing the relevant literature we conducted a field research, the most important findings of which can be found in this article. Our paper focuses not only on the purchase decision roles within the f...amily, but also on the examination of consumer behaviour related to detergent purchase also considering preferences, price sensitivity, and the attitude towards novel detergents. We also expand upon the effects of the external social environment exerted on families.

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The Encouragement of Household Savings

Savings are important not only for the individual, but also for the macro economy because the macro economy can only finance expansion investments from savings. Savings constitute an important element in the development of lending activity. However there is a connection between the development of income and savings. Our research team examined t...he importance and the role of savings and self-care for households considering the current difficult economic and financial situation. Currently a primary research is being carried out in the form of a questionnaire in the course of which households are asked about their saving habits and assets structure.

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The Role of Foreign Capital in the Competitiveness of the Hungarian Economy

Capital is needed for development, the catch-up with the developed countries, creating and boosting competitiveness, which may come from internal and external sources. Our internal resources have always been limited and still are, so we have to resort to external resources, too. The external source can be a foreign credit, a grant, an aid, and ...foreign direct investment. Foreign capital has been and still is indispensible in the various stages of our economic development.

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The Children’s Role in the Food Purchase Decision-Making Process

In our present paper we wish to give a closer picture of store, product and brand choice in the food purchase decision-making process. We examined the role played by children in the family purchase decision-making process, especially in store, product and brand choice at daily and big shopping. In our research we applied - apart from bibliograp...hy review and secondary research - primary qualitative (deep interview) research. On the basis of our qualitative research findings children play an important role in the family purchase decision-making process, but this role is not dominant. According to our research findings children play a bigger role in the store choice at big shopping and in the product choice when they choose the product for their own consumption.

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Catering in the Dining Cars of the Future

The examination of catering has become an importantissue for MÁV, the Hungarian Railways again. It plays an extremely outstanding role during longer trips, but it can also increase the comfort of passengers during shorter trips. Numerous good examples can be found worldwide, which can be adopted by Hungary. The present examination and research... have started at the request of MÁV Zrt. Railway is the second most significant way of transport, aft er the airlines. However in order to be able to keep this position, railway has to widen its range of services, such as dining cars. We are trying to support the reform of dining cars considering all the relevant professional viewpoints.

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The Activity of the Scientific Circle of Students at the College of Szolnok


Back to the World of Work: On the Way to Public Employment in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County

In the autumn of 2008 the world economic crisis erupting in the United States of America dealt the economy and labour market of Hungary a hard blow. The economic crisis strengthened the adverse labour-market situation in the country’s more backward eastern areas, above all in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County. With the aim of reduction of the incr...easing unemployment the Hungarian Employment Policy applies a number of labour-market tools. Public employment is one of the most important labour market tools. In my research I examined the role of public employment in the reduction of unemployment. In my thesis I looked for the answer to the question if public employment is able to handle unemployment efficiently and to reduce long-term unemployment. In my thesis I examined two of the most important public work programmes – between the period of 2009 and 2011 – which employed the highest number of workers in comparison with earlier programmes. I prepared the comparative analysis of the two programmes based on my own aspect system highlighting the strong and the weak points of these programmes. My research is based on scientific literature, various studies in this field, scientific and international professional journals and Internet sources.

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The Micropropagation of Cornus mas and Hippophae rhamnoides

With the help of tissue culture techniques we managed to establish and maintain the shoot tip culture of Cornus mas and Hippophae rhamnoides. The aim of this study was to establish a practical method for the rapid and large scale multiplication of these species. We have applied various culture media (DCR, BTM). In terms of the hormone level BAP... has proved to be the best. We managed to solve the start and the multiplication of cultures. Currently rooting experiments are being conducted.

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The Analysis of Energy Drink Consumption Patterns among the Residents of Budapest in their Twenties

In this analysis I examined the energy drink consumption patt erns of the residents of Budapest in their twenties. My goals were to get information about consumption patterns, to find out the main factors influencing choice, to learn about their knowledge about energy drinks and to determine the connections between the regularly consumed energy... drink brand and its recognition by consumers with the help of a sensory test. My primary research was carried out with the help of qualitative (personal interviews) and quantitative (blind tests, questionnaire) research methods. The research findings show that the examined consumers drink energy drinks most often while awakening and partying. They drink them against tiredness and to improve concentration. Most consumers think that energy drinks are harmful; however they like and drink them.

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The Attitude of Hungarian Consumers to e-Book Readers

My paper deals with e-books and e-book readers, which are a new innovation of the electrotechnical industry, the most developing industry of the 20th and 21st centuries. The market for these products is really untapped in Hungary despite the propagation eff orts of the most popular publishers and bookstores. My primary aim was to find out the H...ungarian consumers’ reading habits, their negative attitude to technology and the reasons for the unpopularity of these products among domestic consumers.

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The Role of Fair Trade Products in Hungarian Retail Trade

The expression ‘fair trade’ may have many interpretations. In economics it means an ‘untraditional’ form of trade. It means a trade partnership, which is different from the usual interpretation of international trade. The real primary aim of fair trade is to ensure a predictable and sustainable, long-term development under more advantag...eous conditions for underprivileged producers and to introduce fair trade products into the trading systems of developed, ‘northern’ countries. Trade becomes ‘fair’ when it hinders the destruction and the exploitation of human and natural resources and in this interest it achieves the modificati on of standards and it does not intend to change the structure of traditional international trade. Fair trade refers to a special approach of commercial activity, which gives priority to the needs of producers with the help of a new producer – vendor agreement.

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