Integrated approach in Ukrainian dairy industry: a case study from Poltava region

December 22, 2021
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Gereles, A., & Szőllősi, L. (2021). Integrated approach in Ukrainian dairy industry: a case study from Poltava region. Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce, 15(3-4).
Received 2021-06-21
Accepted 2022-01-31
Published 2021-12-22

Integration processes in the field of agriculture, and particularly in dairy industry, have real prospects for improving the efficiency of business entities in this industry due to technological features. Particular attention should be paid to vertically integrated business models that allow hedging of various risk groups and minimizing costs due to the optimal combination of the efforts of enterprises belonging to such associations.

The purpose of the article is to study the current state of dairy industry in Poltava Region, Ukraine, and to show one of the conceptual ways to increase its economic efficiency. The paper presents a theoretical hypothesis concerning the necessity of vertically integrated agricultural formation’s creation in order to improve the competitiveness of dairy production in the region and having positive effect on sustainable development of dairy industry.

The practical significance of the study includes the possibility to use findings and recommendations set out in the paper for introduction of mutually beneficial economic relations between agricultural, dairy and trade enterprises in concluding agreements on joint activities based on a successful example from Poltava Region, and contribute to the stabilization, development and increase of the enterprises’ efficiency in Ukrainian dairy industry.

JEL code: F15, Q13

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