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Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce (APSTRACT) publishes high quality contributions on topics related to Agribusiness and Commerce and provides managers, researchers and teachers with a forum, where they can publish and acquire research results, case studies and reviews, which are important to the global food chain. The APSTRACT is an Open Access (OA) Journal. Submitted manuscripts should have a relationship to the economics of agriculture, natural resources, environment, or rural development.Papers should have a practical orientation and demonstrate innovation in analysis, methods, or application. Topic areas include production economics and farm management, agricultural policy, agricultural environmental issues, tourism, regional planning and rural development, methodology, marketing of agricultural and food products, international trade and development, sport management.Research on a significant economic component, analyses of problems connected to research, extension, and teaching of the International MBA Network in Agribusiness and Commerce are also encouraged.

Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce (APSTRACT): An internationally recognised journal of business and commerce ISSN : 1789-221X, electronic version: ISSN 1789-7874 have been listed on the IDEAS/RePEc.

All of our articles and Issues are available in the following repositories: AgEcon Search and University of Debrecen Electronic ArchiveOur Journal DOI name is: 10.19041/APSTRACT

Journal Policies

Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce (APSTRACT) is the official periodical of the International MBA Network in Agribusiness and Commerce published to promote the discussion and dissemination of applied research in applied economics, agribusiness and commerce carried out within the International MBA Network.These instructions detail policies and procedures for publishing in the APSTRACT Journal. We recommend that authors refer to these instructions, as well as the Instructions to Authors: Style and Form, during submission, peer review, acceptance, proof correction, and final publication phases.The journal publishes on its website the Annual Report of the International MBA Network in Agribusiness and Commerce, thus enabling members to have immediate access to the papers. Reactions to articles previously published in APSTRACT should be sent to the Editor.

Authors are responsible for reading their manuscripts and hereby affirm that the content of their manuscripts (data including graphs, figures, tables, and illustrations) has not appeared in print elsewhere (except as abstracts, local or regional field day reports, extension letters, or non-peer-reviewed proceedings of conferences). Authors are aware that if the content detailed above has been published elsewhere, our Journal cannot accept it.To avoid plagiarism, after the manuscript arrives at the editor’s office, it will be checked by an international plagiarism search software programme. If the similarity index is too high the manuscript will be immediately refused.

How long does the review process take?

All new submissions are screened for completeness and adherence to the Guide for Authors. Authors of manuscripts rejected at initial evaluation stage will normally be informed within 1-2 week of receipt. Typically the manuscript will be reviewed within 80 days. If necessary reviewers or Editors may request more than one revision round of a manuscript, and alternative reviewers may also be invited to review the manuscript at any time. After acceptance, it currently takes 1-2 week to get a citable, uncorrected draft of the article online, another 4 weeks to get the final corrected article online, and a few weeks later this is compiled into an online and offline volume and issue. The print copy follows 2-3 weeks later.

Executive publisher
Univesity o f Debrecen, Faculty of Economics and Business, Hungary, Editorial office: University of Debrecen, Faculty of Economics and Business, APSTRACT Ed.office Debrecen, Böszörményi út 138. H–4032 Phone: +(36-52) 526-935
E-mail: kovacs.krisztian@econ.unideb.hu
HU-ISSN 1789-221X – Electronic Version: ISSN 1789-7874, DOI: 10.19041/APSTRACT
The publication is distributed by Center-Print Publishing House Hungary, Managing director: István Klepács, web: www.centerprint.hu
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