Vol. 2 No. 1-2 (2008)

The value of quality

Published October 31, 2008
András Nábrádi
Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development , Department of Business Economics and Marketing, Centre of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering, University of Debrecen


Nábrádi, A. (2008). The value of quality. Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce, 2(1-2), 21–27. https://doi.org/10.19041/APSTRACT/2008/1-2/3

The significance of quality production and quality improvement is widely acknowledged by many but few specify what should be improved and what quality should be produced. The reason may be that there are different quality categories in the process of the value chain. Moreover, the issue of quality costs, i.e. economically optimal quality has not yet been explored yet. The present study raises problems in the pigmeat verticum, but similar studies are needed in other animal husbandry sectors as well. It is reasonable to treat the quality categories of animal products in a complex way, as this allows the full satisfaction of consumer expectations at the certain stages of the value chain and solvent demand as well.