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  • Impact of consumer innovativeness on shopping styles: a case study of university students from Pakistan

    This study examines the effects of various types of consumers’ innovativeness on the consumer shopping styles. The results highlight that social, hedonic and cognitive innovativeness have an impact on consumer shopping styles, but functional innovativeness doesn’t influence consumer shopping styles. The study is based on sample of university students from Rawalpindi and Islamabad and its outcomes pave grounds for marketers to develop a better understanding for marketing new products and services. New product and services can be designed to magnetize innovative consumers. Integrated marketing communications should be planned according to the shopping styles of innovative consumers. Youngsters being a sizeable market segment in Pakistan, therefore, this study will guide the marketers to understand this segment better. This study discovers the association between different kinds of innovative consumer and consumer shopping styles.

  • Determinants of dividend payout policy: An empirical study of banking sector of Pakistan

    One good way to communicate financial performance of a bank to its shareholders is the payment of dividend. The present study is attempted to explore the influence of financial efficiency, safety, risk and profitability on dividend policy using panel data of 10 commercial banks listed at Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) for a period of 9 years between 2006 to 2014. The panel regression technique is used to analyze the data. The analysis shows a positive relationship of dividend payout ratio with safety and profitability in banking sector of Pakistan. The study identifies a negative association of dividend payout measure with financial efficiency and risk. The results show the statistically significant association of safety, risk and profitability with dividend payout ratio. Based on these findings it is concluded that safety, risk and profitability measures are relatively strong measures for defining dividend policy. The results are strongly indicating that safer the banks, the greater payout ratio the bank has. Moreover; banks with higher profitability and lower non-performing loans (NPLs) are believed to pay more dividends.

    JEL code: G21, G23, G35

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