The tradition of problem-posing in Hungarian mathematics teaching

December 7, 2022

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Kovács, Z. (2022). The tradition of problem-posing in Hungarian mathematics teaching. Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science, 20(2), 233-254.

Based on the literature, Pólya was influential in problem-posing research. The present paper draws attention to a book written with Pólya's collaboration, which has not yet received sufficient emphasis in the problem-posing literature. On the other hand, Pólya's impact on mathematics education in Hungary has been significant, including the problem-posing paradigm. Two works, published only in Hungarian, that rely heavily on problem-posing are highlighted. Furthermore, it is presented how problem-posing appeared in the Hungarian Complex Mathematics Teaching Experiment (1962-78) led by Tamás Varga.

Subject Classification: 97D50