production economics; farm management; agricultural policy; agricultural environmental issues; tourism; regional planning; rural development; methodology; marketing of agricultural and food products; international trade; development; sport management

Vol. 8 No. 2-3 (2014)


Some thoughts on the repayment methods of Hungarian household forex loans

Published September 30, 2014
Barbara Sepsi
University of Debrecen
, Veronika Fenyves
University of Debrecen
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Sepsi , B. ., & Fenyves , . V. (2014). Some thoughts on the repayment methods of Hungarian household forex loans. Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce, 8(2-3), 17–23.

Nowadays the volatility of exchange rates and the macroeconomic changes strongly affect the monthly instalments of the debtors. The growth of delayed forex loans - mostly denominated in Swiss Franc and Euro - can include a high risk, which as a part of a vicious circle can ruin Hungary’s economic situation and even the country’s external judgement. Steps were taken to handle the problem of the forex loans but their result is questionable. In this paper different repayment methods are compared in different economic scenarios. More precisely, the third edition of exchange-rate barrier and income based repayment are analysed in an optimistic realistic and pessimistic scenario. This article is aiming to quantify and interpret the difference between each repayment methods regarding different scenarios. Based on the results suggestions are made how to eliminate efficiently currency exposure from the continuously deteriorating portfolio.


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