Vol. 22 No. 2 (2017): In memoriam Gábor Fekete

Floristic data from the Great Plain of Hungary (Alföld)

Published July 1, 2017
Márton Korda
Soproni Egyetem
Dávid Schmidt
Soproni Egyetem
Róbert Vidéki
Doronicum Kft.
Győző Haszonits
Soproni Egyetem
Viktor Tiborcz
Soproni Egyetem
Ágnes Csiszár
Soproni Egyetem
Gergely Zagyvai
Soproni Egyetem
Dénes Bartha
Soproni Egyetem
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Korda, M., Schmidt, D., Vidéki, R., Haszonits, G., Tiborcz, V., Csiszár, Ágnes, Zagyvai, G., & Bartha, D. (2017). Floristic data from the Great Plain of Hungary (Alföld). Kitaibelia, 22(2), 304–316. Retrieved from https://ojs.lib.unideb.hu/kitaibelia/article/view/7589

In this study we report relevant occurrence data of 49 species and hybrids and their habitats from the Great Plain registered in the period between 2011 and 2017. Due to importance for nature conservation, we present additional data of further 13 species. Most of the data are originated from riverine oak-elm-ash forests of South East Hungary (from the region of Gyula, Békéscsaba, Doboz settlements). The most important result of our study is the rediscovery of Gagea minima and Dictamnus albus. Besides, we report new occurrence data for the Great Plain (Alföld), as well as for the flora of the microregions in questions (e.g. Draba muralisNicandra physalodesCystopteris fragilis) and also present the data of the regionally endangered species (e.g. Inula heleniumOphioglossum vulgatum). Some rare weed taxa (e.g. Calepina irregularisCardamine impatiens), spreading adventive taxa (e.g. Chorispora tenellaEuphorbia maculataPhytolacca americanaPh. esculentaSicyos angulata) and in surveys rather underrepresented species (e.g. Loranthus europaeus, Arabis hirsutaRumex confertus) are reported too.