Vol 7, No 1 (2014)

Published February 28, 2014



Kunhalmok védelmének helyzete Békés megyében

Cumanian mounds, „kurgans” have a great importance in the history of the Carpathian Basin from cultural and nature conservai on, landscape, archaeological, botanical and zoological viewpoints. The kurgans are more thousands years nai onal values heritages. In Hungary these appear with the highest number in the fi eld of Great Hungarian Plai...n. Their size and relai ve height about 1-12 m. Unfortunately, the diff erent agricultural aci vii es resulted in their coni nuous degradai on and their number also decreased over the past centuries. There were remarkable changes in agricultural regulai on concerning Cumanian mounds in the EU – and in Hungary too – in 2010. They were declared protected landscape elements therefore they became part of cross-compliance. In our research we will check the results of the new regulai on in relai on to the changes in the state of Cumanian mounds in Békés County.

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Bio-Resources of the Future – Using Unconveni onal Biotechnology

Using specifi c bio-techniques of compared medicine contribute to the improvement of animal health, to increase the produci vity of animal products, to the conservai on of various animal species and also advances in human health. Transgenic animal organisms can be used for fundamental research (ideni fying genes, elucidai ng the funci ons of ge...nes, controlled modifi cai on of genes); for pharmacological studies, especially chemicals that can act on tumour cells, to obtain recombinant proteins; bioreactors; food biotechnology etc. Bio-food is an alternai ve source for the future’s generai on and economy. All professionals and specialists in this fi eld must have a prevision, they must take into account the current bio-food possibilii es and sizes depending on the market needs, to
conserve and develop new resources of food. 

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Precision Farming as an Ecological Approach to Production?

Ecology is ot en suppressed compared to produci vity, which makes us believe that economy is more important than ecology. With the growth of social need for traceability, food safety and food security, the trend is to turn away from conveni onal technologies. The ecological approaches all must cope with signifi cant loss of yield, which hinders... their wide applicai on. Precision farming can be an opi on for the management to keep the high yield levels and decrease inputs at the same i me. The authors analyse, according to primary and secondary sources, precision farming compared to conveni onal and ecological farming to see the advantages and drawbacks of the diff erent technologies.

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Is there a Way out? Assessment of the Situai on of the Hungarian Poultry Sector?

The topic of our presentai on is the assessment of the current situai on of the Hungarian poultry sector. According to a forecast issued by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), of all types of meat, poultry meat produci on may expand to the greatest extent over the period of 2011 to 2020. The quesi on is whether it is possible fo...r Hungary to take advantage of this favourable situai on. We will outline the history of the poultry sector since the transii on period, the impact of the accession to the European Union and the current situai on and the problems of the sector. We will discuss the sector’s compei i ve disadvantages (drop in exports, growth of imports, technological backwardness, lack of sector strategy, underdeveloped integrai on etc.). We will also include other factors that make the situai on of the sector harder (energy prices, feed prices, tax system, black economy, etc.). Finally, we will examine the possible strategic steps to improve the situai on of the sector.

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Study of Diversity of Different-Age Groups Sessile Oak Stands in The Börzsöny Mountains

Coenological based diversity examinai ons were carried out in the Börzsöny off set on the sessile oak dominated stands. To reveal the sylviculture’s eff ects on the biodiversity, in 6 forest stands, characterised by same standard parameters were carried. The Shannon- and Simpson- diversity indices were used for comparison of biodiversity va...lues of diff erent age-groups. Altogether 88 vascular plant species (15 trees, 11 shrubs, 62 herbaceous taxa) were ideni fi ed in the stands of sessile oak woodlands. The diversity of the canopy level was the highest at the 19 year-old stand, and the lowest at the oldest, 92 year-old stand. The diversity of the shrub layer was the highest at the 61 year-old and lowest at the 2 year-old stand. In case of the ground level increasing diversity values were noi ced between the 2 and 61 years old groups, then the diversity values decreased at the stands which are older than 61.

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Facilitate for Talented Students in Higher Educai on by Counceling Psychology Methodology

Personality development and learning support are the fi elds of the psychological counselling, which can help to every student in the higher educai on, and are pari cularly important for the talented young people. The unfolding of the genius means the complex development of the personality, the explorai on and the conscious and direci onal deve...lopment of the strengths and weaknesses. This is not a trouble free process and it is also not a simply task to take on the
external viewer posii on. The counsellor can help to the students and can produce the chance for the development to the genius young people with the method of the personality development and the learning support.

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Weakdays's Truths

This study is about the truth, the inequity, the justice, the injustice. It is looking for an answer to the important question: what is the social justice and what is the social unjust. It presents definition, meaning, scope and diversity of justicee and injustice, treir relationship and context of other social ideals, principles, values.

Vocational Training, Labor Market and Immigration Policy in Russia

In point of view of labour market the immigration has become the major factor in recent times. The main tasks of immigration policy: compensation of labour shortages in relation with demographic and aging population problems; to satisfy the long-term demand for labour in some business sectors; to ensure the labor supply of innovation-qualified ...investment processes; organizing of preparation of experts from requested profession; to limit the short-term unskilled
labor immigration; creating the necessary conditions and broaden the opportunities for immigration for business use.

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The Current State of the Educational Service Market in Ukraine

The level of educai onal service development is the precursor of economic status and social well-being of society. The issue of improving the system of teri ary educai on in Ukraine and the quality of vocai onal training poses an important socioeconomic problem, the solui on of which is possible on condii on of complying with the socioeconomic ...requirements of market economy. 

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The Mission of the Social Worker in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County

The aim of our ari cle is to prepare the introduci on of training social workers at the College of Szolnok. Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county is a region in Hungary in which the composii on of the populai on and their social status calls for an increase of the number of social workers. For this reason in the programme of the research group of the De...partment for Social Sciences and Communicai on helping underprivileged people is a priority.

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Aviai on Safety Issues of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applicai on - Presentai on for the Results of Research Area

Nowadays numbers of internai onal aviai onal- and flight safety organizaton and national authority conducts research concerning regulai ons of UAV operai ons, whose role is rising irreversibly, and concerning more safety operai ons of intelligent devices. The group of Hungarian aviai on professionals has been conduci ng research on this area, f...i nanced by the funds European Union. In the ari cle the authors present the risks of aerial robots, and present the New Széchenyi
Plan “Crii cal Infrastructure Proteci on Research TÁMOP-4.2.1.B-11/2/KMR-2011-0001”, and as a part of research the project for the regulai onal background of UAV applicai ons. Detailing the goals of research, theirs accoplishments and expected results for the future.

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Energy Resources of Unmanned Aircrat Vehicle

Aviai on is the quickest and most praci cal way of locomoi on, to which people have been paying at eni on for thousands of years. Today – on account of air traffi c, energy crisis and environmentalism – the power source of the aircrat became a key issue. In addii on to fl ight safety, there is a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly ...operai on. The ineffi cient burning of fossil fuels comes hand in hand with the signifi cant pollutant emission and noise pollui on which bother even those living far from the airports. Nowadays the most important objeci ve of researchers and developers is to create an effi cient, clean and quiet airplane, thus as a new idea they at empt to ui lize electricity in this form on board the aircrat . The ari cle presents some various energy resources through some example of unmanned aerial vehicle.

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Verbal Event Detection in Hungarian Texts

The task of event deteci on is to ideni fy meni ons of events in texts. For the purposes of this task, an event meni on is any expression denoi ng an event or state that can be assigned to a pari cular point, or interval, in i me. In texts most event meni ons correspond to verbs, and most verbs introduce events. However this is not always the c...ase. Events can be introduced by noun phrases, and some verbs fail to introduce events. Events somei mes are expressed with muli word expressions. Muli word expressions (MWEs) are lexical units that consist of more than one orthographical word, i.e. a lexical unit that contains spaces. The task is the deteci on of events in texts. In this ari cle we paid at eni on with verbs and infi nii ves. We wrote Java program for this task. We introduce in this ari cle the principles and results of this applicai on.

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Critical analysis of logistics strategy models in retailing

Logistics is key for retailing because product availability is a signifi cant element of customer service and has key importance for compei i veness as well. In the following I would like to demonstrate the strategic retail models of the academic literature and give diff erent points of view on retail logisi cs. Then, with the help of an empiri...cal study I will elaborate on the model of Hungarian retail logistics.

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Interpretative Possibilities of Local Products and their Role in the Development of Tourism Destinations

Rural tourism is a progressively growing factor of local economy in Europe. For this, those products of rural tourism are needed that are based on direct rural at raci ons like natural facilii es, technical at ractions, demonstrai on of special aci vii es. The examinai on which is presented above is about the products of rural tourism. It exami...nes the system of interaci ons between the eff ects of the development on products of rural tourism. In addii on, it examines the eff ects of arrangements made in rural development on the development of tourism. In the future one way of the rural development can be the development of rural tourism giving a chance for alternai ve aci vii es and ways of earning money. Among the several specialized tourism it is gastronomic tourism that is mostly based on tradii on. It is very close to rural people, they can easily keep these tradii ons alive and they can think they are closed related with them. The astronomical tourisi c off ers of rural small regions and the natural curiosity of tourists can induce a development that can be a base of conscious development of products. 

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The Conscious nutrition or what we know about the fish?

The 1169/2011/EU regulation will come into force by the end of the year. The new regulation is more stringent than before, however the non-processed foods coni nue to be exempt from nutrii on labeling. At fi rst, it might not seem to be an important issue, yet non-processed foods can contain artifticial colors and substances as processed food.<.../p>

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An economic study of a solar collector investment project with specific aspects of energy saving

The energy saving properi es of an exisi ng solar collector investment has been assessed based on factual data and stai si cal methods. The seasonality of electricity, water and gas consumpi on has been determined. The number of guest nights, the electricity and gas consumpi on showed a strong and a moderate correlai on. The costs saved did not... live up to the expectai ons, which makes the return indicators signifi cantly worse. The discrepancy may be due to the system being designed to be bigger than reasonable or the great energy loss as well. The lat er may be because of the distance between the collectors and the hot water containers. The system may have calibrai on problems as well. The whole area brings about saving an amount of energy that equals to HUF 851000, which translates into 8788 m3 of natural gas. The decrease of CO2 emission should come to 16.26 t. on an annual average.

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Agricultural Insurance Market a New Solution of Marketing and Environment Protection

The agricultural mitigation fund operating deficit expanded in 2012 to a price support for agricultural insurance business helped construct. (Figure 1). The legislai on aims to provide a wide range of farmers’ risk community to organize and strengthen the aff ected self-care responsibility. The new extended two-level agricultural risk managem...ent system in 2012 and 2013 were not used in the full amount. Further disseminai on of this 2014 novel possibility of a major issue in the insurance market. We have to examine how market pari cipants are informed and how to better disseminate of marketing solutions?

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Applicability of Financial and Management Accounting Methods in the Practice of Corporate Assessment

Corporate assessment features as an independent professional fi eld which in its operai on employs and integrates accouni ng, fi nance and marketing knowledge. THe globalisai on of the economy justifies the adopi on of applied methods, too. Having studied the methodology presented in international trade literature we can conclude that the work ...extends to several areas and its depends on several external factors. Whether its is possible to defi ne the value of a corporation accurately remains an eternal quesi on. Naturally, the answer is no; we can only give an estimate and aim to get as close to accuracy as possible.
On the role of accountancy we can declare that Hungarian accouni ng methods are adequate to obtain the necessary fi gures; the data available in the system need only a minimum level of additional calculation.

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The Introduction of IFRS at the Level of Individual Reports

In recent years, there is a need for public limited companies registered in stock exchange not to do bookkeeping according to the Hungarian Accouni ng Act and prepare their annual reports in accordance with it. Instead of it, prepare consolidated annual fi nancial statements under IFRS. This could lead to a signifi cant reduci on of administrai... ve burden, as management makes every business decision based on IFRS instead of the Hungarian Accouni ng Act; especially in cases
where the determinai on of the corporate income tax is based on fi nancial statements prepared in accordance with internai onal standards.

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The Responsibility of Accounting Service Providers

It is a natural demand in each sector of economy to recognise the errors which threaten effective and produci ve operai on, to disclose cause and eff ect relai onships, to draw the lessons and define responsibility. In stagnai ng economy and crisis period the tendencies searching responsible are fastening, the complex examinai on of the scope o...f the problems are mostly failed to come about, at er marking and proclaiming the scapegoat only partial solutions born, and because of different interest a signifi cant number of problems remain unsolved. Arising positive effects on the level of macroeconomy in some cases exert negative influence to microsphere, so during searching for solutions – besides analysing processes - it is inevitable to examine also their generated, sometimes cumulating effects. Spreading criticism in the last periods blamed bureaucracy, accounting service system and its forecasi ng ability to explain low level of economic growth. Finding way-out methods are aimed at the question if it is possible that – besides reduci on of bureaucracy - accountancy has an implement system which - above micro level line – can indicate approaching crisis also on the field of macroeconomy with more speed and effectiveness, giving enough i me and space for interveni on opportunii es. Approaches may start from numerous aspects, my study examine a possible part and some of its components.

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Innovative aspects of tourism development in Russia

The author applies three main approaches to examine the tourism development in Russia, which has a variety of climai c zones and rich tourist resources, namely, cluster, special economic zones and target-oriented approaches. The specifi city of their implementai on is further observed at regional level. Conclusions and recommendai ons are aimed... at performance improvement of the tourism industry.

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Analysis of the ways of efficiency enhancement of transportation services in tourism

Tourism is one of the most dynamically developing fi elds of the world economy. Owing to the relai vely low-cost capital investment necessary to set up and develop tourism business, high levels of payback rates, constantly rising magnitude of demand for tourist services, tourism business has recently been drawing the at eni on of not only its p...oteni al customers, but also of entrepreneurs. 

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The health resort sphere in Russia and evaluation of its potential for development

The article deals with the historical aspects of the sanatorium-resort complex formai on in Russia and it presents the assess of its current state; the main sources of funding of sanatorium- resort treatment for Russian citizens are described; tendencies of development of the market of SPA-services were shown; it includes informai on about the ...ways how to improve the services compei i veness; methods of the evaluai ng for poteni al of development in sanatorium-and-SPA services sphere are presented.

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Research about marketing of public services including customer satisfaction, considering the appearing tendency of environment conscious consumers in the County of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok

Our research is targei ng the supplier companies operate in the County of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok. The defi nii ons of public service and public ui lity service will be described in this ari cle. We examine how the County supplied with public ui lity services so we can have a bigger picture about how pleased or even unpleased are the people of th...e region about the services. Finally we discuss the subject mat er of markei ng aci vii es of public ui lity service companies. Is the sai sfaci on of customers an evidence for the assumpi on that there is limited contest between the ui lity service companies?

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