Sustainable food production with greenhouse technologies

September 7, 2014

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Gonda, G., Mubarak Al-AliNoor, Y. M., Fekete-Farkas, M., & Helyes, L. (2014). Sustainable food production with greenhouse technologies. International Journal of Horticultural Science, 20(3-4), 99-105.

The greenhouse fruit and vegetable production is one important area which supports sustainability. To achieve
sustainable economy and growth, the given natural resources have to be used in a smarter, renewable way in order to avoid
depleting them. New technologies and new methods are developed and implemented to utilize resources in more optimized way.
Sustainable food supply is essential globally for the world, however it has to be managed and achieved on local levels. We present
the greenhouse production market restructuring with new players. What kind of difficulties arise in the open field vegetable
production and what benefits can be realized by the customers and producers from the covered greenhouse technology in the
continental and desert climate? What are the technical boundary conditions to establish and operate greenhouse production in
different regions and what are the benefits realized from local food production? As an example, we analyse Qatar’s energetics,
climate conditions and food resources, Qatar’s food supply process and its barriers. We will show how the sustainability and
food safety appear in Qatar’s National Strategy Plan.