Journal Policies

The International Journal of Horticultural Science (IJHS) publishes both research and application oriented papers in the area of fruits, grapes and wine, vegetables, ornamentals, medicinal and aromatic plants, forestry, horticultural biotechnology and environmental management and horticultural economy. The journal is a diamond open access journal, publishing and downloading articles are both free of charge. All of our articles and Issues are available in the following repositories: University of Debrecen Electronic Archive

The Journal publishes the received and reviewed articles on its website, thus enabling members to have immediate access to the papers. Reactions to articles previously published in IJHS should be sent to the Editor.

Authors must ensure that the submitted manuscript is their original work (data including graphs, figures, tables, and illustrations), which has not been published previously. Authors must ensure also that the submitted manuscript has not been considered for publication elsewhere. Authors are aware that if the content detailed above has been published elsewhere, our Journal cannot accept it. Authors of the Journal are requested to sign the Authorʹs declaration document. The filled and signed form should be uploaded with the submitted article on the website of the Journal.

To avoid plagiarism, after the submission, the manuscripts will be checked by an international plagiarism search software programme. If the similarity index is too high the manuscript will be immediately rejected. After the acceptance usually 3 months passes until the Journal publishes the scientific material.