Vol. 3 No. 5 (2018)

Published December 10, 2018


Civil Engineering

  • Estimation of the Potential Runoff Quality Improvement as a Result of Applied Green Infrastructure Measures in a Hungarian Town

    Green infrastructure measures improves the quality of surface and subsurface waters along with increasing the water balance on the town level. The aim of the study is to estimate the potential runoff quality improvement by applying stormwater BMP-s along traffic roads in the town. This is of high priority in the aquifer protection area where runoff water may infiltrate into the aquifer carrying pollutants from the surface. Estimations are applied: first we determine the surface of traffic roads, then estimate the quantity of different kinds of pollutants accumulated on the surface and thirdly we estimate the expected performance of the applied green infrastructure elements based on findings in the literature. We determine the impervious urban surface area associated with transport-related functions within the protected drinking water recharge area using GIS technic using orthophotos. We estimate the expected reduction of runoff pollution assuming that stormwater BMP-s are applied in the area. The overall goal is to make the significance of diffuse pollution more obvious and enhance drinking water protection through taking diffuse pollution into consideration.

  • Material Stock and Flow Analysis within the Agricultural Building Sector Based on Local Database

    The purpose of the paper is to analyze on micro level the stream of building materials needed for raising cattle. The scope of the produced material flow chart will cover the inflow and storage of the materials. The overall objective of material flow analysis is to contribute to the data inventory development process which is needed to use these construction materials as secondary raw materials in the future. The assessment is based on a concrete new development in a Hungarian region being carried out nowadays as a development and modernization of an existing cattle raising farm. Driven by the concern of resource depletion, further research on higher level, based on larger database will be needed to verify the estimated national level results for the magnitude of growth of anthropogenic stocks.



  • How Does Public Debt Change when the Next Crisis Comes - and It Will Come!/the Expected Evolution of Greece's State Debt in the Next Crisis Period/

    It has recently been announced that Greece may withdraw from the Euro-Zone permanent rescue fund's aid program because it has successfully met the conditions imposed on it. Creditors and credit qualifiers also agreed that the Greek economy was on a good growth path. That is why there is a chance that by 2030 the current sovereign gross debt of 182.7 per cent of GDP will fall to 123.3 per cent. The author finds this statement unfoundedly optimistic. He argues that the Greek debt ratio – despite the current optimum economic fundamentals – does not seem to be sustainable. He sees greater probability that in the near future it will again be necessary to release some of the Greek debt. Debt reduction will also mean a new orderly state bankruptcy. The study seeks to highlight how vulnerable and risked the sustainability of current Greek debt financing. Using a macroeconomic model, it shows and justifies how the Greek sovereign debt changes in the case of a crisis that is only half the extent of the previous subprime crisis. If this happens, by 2023, the state debt will rise to more than double the national product, and by 2030 only to the present, otherwise critical, level. It follows that the high risk of financing Greek state debt remains unchanged.

  • A Selective Study: Camels Analysis of Indian Private Sector Banks

    Banking sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Today’s banking sector becoming more complex. Evaluating Indian banking sector is not an easy task. There are so many factors, which need to be taken care while differentiating good banks from bad ones. Performance evaluation of the banking sector is an effective measure and indicator to check the soundness of economic activities of an economy. The contribution of RBI and other policy maker, the banking industry has witnessed regulatory requirements like BASEL III norms. These regulatory changes have influenced prominent improvement in efficiency and performance of the Indian Scheduled Commercial Banks in the past few years. In the present study an attempt was made to evaluate the performance & financial soundness of select Private Sector Banks like ICICI,HDFC AND YES bank using CAMEL approach from 2013 to 2017 as well one way anova method. It is observed that on an average ICICI was at the top most position. It is also observed that yes Bank was at the bottom most position in selected CAMEL ratios.

  • Sectoral Analysis of Hungarian Professional Football Clubs - Hungarian Football Money League 2014-2016

    Based on the model of the Deloitte Football Money League we recreated the „Hungarian Football Money League”, which gathers and analyses the most economically powerful Hungarian football enterprises. The model gave us an oppurtunity to analyse and compare the industry to the international level. With the hungarian professional football-enterprises we assume, the most economically powerful teams play in the NB. I. (National Championship). Because of this reason we only analysed NB 1. club teams. From the 12 participating team we selected only those 9 who stayed in the League for three consecutive years. The implications from this study is that the hungarian club teams stays well below the international level, altought top level enterprises' joint economical impact is indeed significant in the hungarian sportsector. 

  • Sports Civic Organizations-Subsidies and the Subsidy Exposure

    When we discuss the topic of civic organizations, especially sports profile civic organizations we need to note and comment that issue how these organizational forms are able and capable to accept subsidies. The related data of the Central Statistical Office (KSH) highlight the phenomenon that incomes of the classic civic organizations are mainly composed of state or private source donations. Although there is a really and pretty predictable subsidy system in the field of civic sphere currently, from one hand the distribution of the single subsidy forms considerably vary, on the other hand it result in the considerable amount of available financial resources. The fact whether subsidy forms and subsidy incomes have relationship with the addition alvariables of the organizational operation, such as subsidies provided, employment relationship, and expenditures may acquire special attention at the management of organizational operation together with the planned strategic interventions in the field of the civic sphere. 

Mechanical Engineering

  • Quality Questions of Clinch Join

    This article deals with the quality of the clinch joints. Due to the volume of the production there is a need for the inspection of the joints and the monitoring of the joining process. Different producers give solutions for the inspection and monitoring and these solutions will be introduce through 1-1 example their importance.

Environmental Engineering

  • The Relationship Between EHS and the REACH Regulation in Practice

    The European Union has enacted strict safety regulations on the usage of chemical substances. Not long ago the Hungarian Government has also enacted the 1907/2006/EK (REACH) regulation and 1272/2008/EK (CLP) regulation. With the acceptance of the decrees our knowledge and available information about chemicals has expanded, due to the reporting obligation. As a consequence the usage of hazardous chemical compounds will be safer for the people and the environment. With the access to the shared data, we will be able to make appropriate decisions despite lacking previous measurements of our own. My goal is to present the hazardous information profiles form the packages of the REACH and CLP, and their possible applications.

  • The Analysis of the Composition of Greywater and the Effectiveness of a Household Greywater Treatment System

    The purpose of the current study is to give comparable results to previous and further examinations concerning the quality of household generated greywater and to determine the effectiveness of a household wastewater treatment system treating only household generated greywater. Data for this study were collected from a household which avoids the production of black water at the source by using dry toilet. Water samples were collected from January 2017 until May 2017, altogether seven times. Samples were taken from 3 different places: (i) potable water from the kitchen tap, (ii) greywater sample from the first sewage tank of the household sewage treatment system and (iii) greywater sample from the fourth (last) sewage tank of the household sewage treatment system. A total of 16 physical, chemical and microbiological parameters were measured in the laboratory using the valid standard methods in each cases. The results of this investigation show that separating black water from greywater at the source by using dry toilet may produce considerably smaller environmental load. Lower emission values stems from the lower organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus content of greywater.

  • Microbiological and Chemical Investigation of Drinking Water Samples on the Operational Area of Pannon Víz Zrt.

    In our research the potable water quality was monitored between 1 January 2015 and 31 October 2017 in the operational area of Pannon-Víz Zrt. The connection between temperature, microbiological load and chemical parameters were investigated. After evaluating data, the following results have been identified. The seasonal changes of the microbiologically positive samples are determined by the contamination caused by Escherichia coli, Enterococci and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The coliform group and the 22°C and 37°C colony-form units showed no seasonal dynamics. The analysed chemical parameters were below the limit during the examined period. Based on the correlation analysis, there is no correlation between chemical and microbiological parameters.

  • The Analysis of the Seasonal Changes of Microbial Communities in the Activated Sludge of Small and Large Wastewater Treatment Plants

    In our research the seasonal changes of the microbial communities in the activated sludge of one large and two small wastewater treatment plants are observed and analysed. During the research, 14 months of data were processed. After the sample analysis and data processing, the research revealed the efficiency of the ecological system, and also showed the seasonal changes of the community structures. The results of the statistical analysis show, that the seasonality is less observable in the case of the larger system. Presumably, the larger bioreactors have more stable microbial composition. In addition, we searched for more connections between the components of the ecological system, the changing in the weather, and also in the efficiency in the process for treating wastewater.

Management Sciences

  • Implementing 5S in a Hungarian Company

    The methods and tools used by Lean management can be used for any activity that is specifically introduced to the company. On this basis, the objective of this paper is the implementation of a Lean office with a 5S system transformation into the traditional office environment of a private business. During the workflow, it is also planned to create new habits in this narrow space that will incorporate the organizational culture into the everyday life of the business making the administration more effective. The 5S concept is new and helps the company to operation on a larger scale with fewer inputs than before. Figures are made for better understanding and a Red Tag is created which is the first step of the process. Red Tag tells the employees about the history and the process which will be needed on it. The basic of lean thinking is the contunious improvement in the quality of the product while minimaxing the wastes created during the process. The Next Broker Consultancy Ltd adopted this new way of management and made sure that all the necessary measurement are taken to insure smooth flow of the process.

  • Improving the Work Breakdown Structure of the Plant Installation - Case: Asphalt Plant

    The improvement of the project management forced the industrial organizations to focus on using the project management techniques in their industry, to plan and control the workflow to achieve their targets, further to increase the satisfaction of their customers. One of the most common project management tools are used is the work breakdown structure (WBS), which provide a framework for the implementation of the project scope including project planning, scheduling, monitoring, control, and estimation. Depending on the top-down approach the project activities will be broken into smaller parts that can be measured and controlled during the project implementation. The well-defined construction of the structure contributes to making the project more realistic and visual. However, the misunderstanding of the project WBS among the project team creates deflection and misinterpretation of the project scope. The main issue of this research is to improve the WBS of the installation plan and develop a standard WBS for plant installation. The research was limited to Asphalt plant installation WBS as a case study to identify the weaknesses of the current WBS at the case company which leads to extra installation time and cost. The research is offering a template WBS based on the company logic, defining the frequent risks that affect the plant installation based on the WBS and suggesting a suitable response strategy by recommending a control framework to monitor and control the WBS schedule throughout all installation phases.

  • The Manageable Development is a Lean Basis for a Small Organization

    The lean approach is based on the buyer, while eliminating losses, in addition to value creation and efficiency gains, it determines the direction of developments in the process. To successfully build and maintain lean, engagement and development is indispensable, but it is not as simple as changing past behaviors and attitudes. The company also realized that changes were needed, as the increased number of employees in the company, and the increase in production and the profits associated with it, made it clear that organizational development is needed. The organization development was started by SWOT analysis, and along with Ishikawa's assay, I discovered whether LEAN was necessary for the company. With Gemba, I took a look at the problems and then categorized them to designate development points.

  • „Return to the Countryside” – a Qualitative Approach of Students’ Opinions About Rural Life

    Nowadays, the research of rural areas’ specific features is one of the most interesting part of sociology. Within these studies the rural areas ability for survival and to retain forms an important basis. A pillar of these, that the youth from rural areas become sufficiently motivated to stay at or to return to their homeland and be able to redound development. We were looking for answers, that how university students, who participated in our current research are thinking about the hungarian countryside, in their opinion what are it’s advantages and disadvantages and it’s possible potentials. In addition, we examined those factors, which are contributing to that respondents who are studying in large cities want to stay there, but at the same time we wanted to explore the opposite factors, those that make tudents to return to the countryside. Last, but not least we investigated a very interesting topic, the relations between the respondents and the rural elite.

  • Volunteering in Sport

    The subject of our research was the examination of the sports ambition and its motivational background. Our aim was to examine the volunteer experience of young adults in volunteering. Our goal was also to analyze the areas in which sports are chosen most voluntarily and what motivates them in sport. The basis for our questionnaire research was the concept of volunteering "4 W" (who, what, where, why). The questionnaire was designed to answer these questions in relation to sports ambition. The data of the questionnaire completed by 371 young adults (mean age = 23.93, sd = 9.93) were analyzed using SPSS statistical software, where we calculated basic statistics (mean, standard deviation, median, mode) and Chi2 test. More than 75% of the respondents have already worked as volunteers. One of the most popular areas of volunteering was sport. The most frequented volunteering area was among schoolchildren and students as well as university sports among young people, after which the area of competition and recreational sports proved to be the most popular. The main motivation of young volunteer workers was the following, : „I had a good mood”, „I loved sport”, „teamwork”, „work experience”, „learning and skill development” and „career perspective”. Organizations, marketing and communication areas in the field of sporting events and sportsclubs volunteering were the most popular in the area where the respondents had experience. A significant difference was found in the field of organizing and marketing volunteering in sports events, 61% of Hungarians worked, while respondents from other countries were only 34.2% (p <0.05). In the field of communication, higher values of respondents from other countries (45.7%), compared with Hungarians (33.7%) (p <0.05).

  • 3X3 Basketball Tournaments in Debrecen

    Faster attacks, spin speed, increased adrenaline levels, vehement play. This is all about the 3X3 basketball. In Debrecen, the first 3X3 basketball matches were held in 2015, most of them did not even think that the sport would be popular in Hungary as well. Practically, from the start of the first minute, the games were played with great success. Following the successful settlement, the International Basketball Association immediately offered a 3-year contract to Debrecen. The purpose of our research was to examine the 3X3 basketball tournaments in Debrecen, which was analyzed using a questionnaire and an in-depth interview. 69% of the respondents participated in the 2016 and 2017 events, but only 37% attended the 3X3 basketball tournaments that were held for the first time in 2015. It can be stated that this trend is growing and the event is gaining popularity nationwide. Sponsors and sponsors covered every issue of the event so the event was free of charge over the years. 72% of fillers, however, are willing to spend money on a possible entry fee. In terms of revenue growth, the introduction of admission fees is unlikely to reduce interest. Up to 1200 seats have been filled up for the event every year. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of people would like to enjoy a higher auditorium with more space. The introduction of 4-point boundaries (3 points) for 3X3 matches would be a great opportunity to try the "little brother" of basketball in the 4-point so that it can be introduced in traditional basketball. Hungary became the pioneer of the sport due to the results of the Hungarian national team and the successful organization of sporting events.

  • Evolution of Lean Management and the Organizational Learning

    In industry, service and public sector lean approach is gaining ground. However, there is a significant difference between the organizations applying lean concept in case of their lean transformation maturity level as well as their lessons learned. There is a huge variety of methods and techniques which can be used but there are two conditions in case of every organization regardless their sector or their lean maturity level which determine the success of their lean development: lean approach leader and learning organization. Lean leadership is not based on a particular sector or method and a ready-made lean organization is not needed either. The concept of the top management has a huge effect on the characteristics of theorganization but whether the will of the management is enough for the complete transformation or not is the question. Is the target the lean organization itself or how a unit of an organization or the whole organization can react to the change of the environment? The attitudes and behaviors of lean approach leadership can be applied every day, everywhere and support the aim of creating a real lean organization.

  • Learning Curve Based Sigma Level Determination in Interrupted Non-Production Processes

    The philosophy and methods of six sigma process development have been applied successfully since mid1980s, and the application of the six sigma concept in non-production processes has increased significantly in the last decade. In this paper processes that can be characterized by learning curves are modeled. The quality of such processes can be analyzed on the basis of the six sigma concept. In this paper two back office processes are analyzed. The processes are built up of simple repeated steps and incorporate some interruptions. The application of the model allows the calculation of the maximally permitted number of interruptions in the process if the preliminary determined norm is to be kept.

  • The Concept of Public Works in India

    The objective of this paper is to understand the concept of public work in India. Nowadays we may approach a wide and broad understanding of public work on international level. One aspect is working for the government. Another one is associated with fighting unemployment and providing work possibility for the unemployed (by doing this decreasing poverty). It may also be understood as participated in governmental financed construction programmes and NREG is one such programme which helps to generate employment for the poor people in India. In this paper various aspects about public works in India are discussed.

  • Implementing Lean Leadership in Garment Industries

    Garment industries are one of the most competitive industries nowadays, that was the main reason why implementing lean tools became conventional between big brands, although, lean tools alone are not enough for successful lean implementation in any organization, that’s why creating lean leaders and defining what lean leadership exactly means became a necessity, in this study, we will try to draw a path in which garment manufacturers can pursue to become lean organizations taking a (Manufacturer for NIKE) as an example for the study as a heavy lean implementer closing by suggesting a 9 steps method that lean can be implemented successfully in garment industry factory.

  • Gamification in the field of human resource, a creative solution for recruitment

    With the introduction of latest tools and the expansion of technological solutions, the usage of smartphones ,with instant internet connection of course, has become an essential part of the net generation, also known as generation Z. At the same time, the role of IoT devices has also become part of our daily lives, completing and sometimes making it easier. This is due to the fact that the tools become more and more cheaper as time passes and parents and young people no longer consider these a technical innovations, but as a necessity. These generations; Y, Z and Alpha appear simultaneously on today's job market, which poses a serious challenge to future HR leaders and recruiters. Because of the generational gap between them, both motivational and demanding, novel solutions are becoming increasingly appreciated in this area as well. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the potential of gamification and to highlight the its major areas, as well as to draw the attention to "good practices" in creative recruiting through better known examples. In addition, I also tried to point out the effect on the relationship between motivation and flow-experience. The gamification method is becoming more and more popular in our country, as it plays an increasingly important role in business and education as well. In recent years, with the use of serious games, there have been several examples of HR recruitment and selection, which clearly strives to reach out to younger generations.

Engineering Education

Mathematics, Physics, Informatics

  • The Methods of Determination of Settlement’s Electricity Self-Sufficiency

    The Idea of the Energy Change became in available proximity with the technological development. The change from the fossil energy to the renewable energy sources is a question of the territorial extension’s question now, so the change is available on settlement, regional, or global level. This study analyses the method of those settlement systems, which achieved the 100% renewable energy systems. It categorizes the methods which lead to the all renewable energy supply based system and the current study examines the self-sufficiency level of the Hungarian settlements through the international organizations and case studies and applying its own methods.

  • Gamification in Programming - a Short Introductory Session in Programming with Online Games

    Nowadays computer science is a diversified discipline with a wide range of interdisciplinary applications. Because of that, teachers at primary or high schools unavoidably face the following problem: What are the most useful fields, topics and applications of computer science and programming, and how can we teach them to be motivating enough for a student from the Z generation. In this paper we give a possible answer for the question above by presenting a short introductory session in programming for students in primary and high school. Our primary aim with the above session is to motivate students to continue their studies in engineering higher education. We also present our experiences about two experimental classes here.

  • Forces Attributed to Dark Matter May Originate from Entangled Particles as Seen in the Shape Of Galaxies Formed by Grbs

    Recently, it has been suggested that entangled particles may be connected by a wormhole. If that is right, what is the distance between them we have to take into account when applying Newton's law of universal gravitation to these particles? We propose the idea that these particles may attract each other regardless of distance, resulting in a force that behaves exactly the same way as the force derived from presumed dark matter. Traces of such a force seem to be present in galaxies due to gamma ray bursts (GRBs) that produce entangled particles which hit various objects. We can observe that in barred spiral galaxies the arms always pass through the nucleus of the galaxy so we believe that the very first GRB happened at the central supermassive black hole (SMBH) and the arms are the traces of this ancient GRB. If we see an unbarred spiral galaxy, we can be certain that the arms do not pass through the core and we think the very first GRB happened close to the core. Ring galaxies may also be considered as a type of spiral galaxies, since there is a section where the ring is broken, i.e. where the arms do not meet. So the very first GRB happened far from the core. Elliptical galaxies may have resulted from an ancient GRB which hit from outside. The arms rotating in opposite directions of the NGC4622 galaxy support our hypothesis. Finally in the silk threads of the spider web of the universe, the traces of GRBs can be seen.

  • Application of Mathematics in Physics and Chemistry in Secondary School

    In the frame of the project EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00022 „Debrecen Venture Catapult Program" a material was elaborated in which I summarize the most important applications of high school mathematics in physics and chemistry. It is important for the students to see that teaching mathematics is not self-serving but it can be applied in many problems in different natural sciences.

  • An Economical Mathematics Model

    In the frame of the project NTP-NFTÖ-17-C-159, one of my main tasks is to present the possible applications of teaching mathematics in high schools and in higher education. Beside this, I would like to illustrate that, in many cases, how useful and, in certain cases, indispensable the use of mathemathical softwares is during the solution of a complex problem.

  • Measuring and Developing Color Aptitude of Students at High Schools

    The tutoring project called „ Chromatic sensation” will be executed via the project of the University of Debrecen titled EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00022 „Debrecen Venture Catapult". The aim of this tutoring project is to develop the students’ sense of colour and their ability to communicate through the use of colours. Our project is recommended to high-school students who might want to engage their further education in the fields of engineering. This paper presents the results of our research where ability to sense brightness differences and saturation differences of students completed their high school studies were tested, and discusses our skill development tools and their applications as an integrated part of our research.

  • Trends and Challenges of Databases

    The database management, using relational databases, is part of curriculum in the Hungarian high schools. The aim of this paper is to present how we can show for students the challenges facing data processing, data retrieval, beyond the relational database management taught in high school.

  • A numerikus számítások szerepe a műszaki modellekben

    Application of numerical methods and stochastic approach should have a bigger role in the Mathematics programme of the secondary schools. Studying economic and engineering problems leads to better understanding of the significance of mathematical models in practice. In our mini-course we introduce several topics related to mathematical modelling of systems and processes to present the applicability of mathematical  calculation methods in the everyday life.

  • Secondary School Workshop About Dynamics Supported by Computer Software

    In the framework of the “Debrecen Venture Catapult Program (EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00022)” the colleagues of the Department of Basic Technical Studies of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen worked out workshops for secondary school students. One of the above mentioned workshops is the „Dynamics workshop supported by computer software”, the topic of which is the experimental and theoretical study of dynamic problems using highly developed computer software. Apart from describing the above mentioned workshop and the experiences related to it, we also present the reactions of the students, and describe how the workshop contributes to their widening knowledge.. Furthermore, we also analyse what knowledge, skills and information students would need to be more creative, motivated and initiative and this way more successful in their studies and at work, as well as in their everyday lives, in the field of engineering. In the end, as a conclusion, we make recommendations concerning further improvements of the workshop.

  • Algorithmization in Playful Way

    In the “Extending the Technical Researcher Capacity, Developing Research Services and Building a Knowledge Square in Engineering Education” sub-program of the EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00022 "Debrecen Venture Catapult Program" project a research group on engineering and innovation skills was founded. This team undertook to develop skills development workshops for high school students in connection with mathematics, physics, descriptive geometry and informatics topics. In this paper the "Algorithmization in playful way" workshop will be presented, where we develop the student's algorithmic skills by playing computer games.

  • Geometry Around Us - Development of the Skills for Students in the Secondary Education

    In the framework of the project EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00022 00022 „Debrecen Venture Catapult Program”t workshops are held in secondary schools in order to show for the students that the precise knowledge about the mathematical backgrounds is an important part of the engineers works. We give lot of examples in our environment for appearing of quadratic surfaces; for instance in architecture, in mechanical engineering life (gear– wheels, twist drills,…etc.).The development of geometrical spatial ability happen by the help of using 3D animations, moreover we investigate the changing of the shape of surfaces by mathematical shoftwares. We are going to built hyperboloid of one sheet and hyperbolic paraboloid.

  • The Role of Small-Scale Household Power Plants in the Electricity Supply by the Hungarian Settlements

    The utilization of renewable energy sources spread with stormy speed on the world therefore more and more municipalities propose that they satisfy their energy demand from renewable sources. The fossil fuels represent a significant proportion in Hungarian energy balance and the majority of these is import energy. The proportion of renewable energy sources must be increased to decrease the energy dependence and the energy cost of municipalities, to increase the energy security and to consider the aspects of environment.The interest of Hungary is to increase the proportion of renewable energy sources in energy supply. In order  to this, the government created the small-scale household power plant (SSHPP) category in the Electricity law. This power plants should be not greater than 50 kW's performance. In this category, electricity can be produced from renewable and fossil sources. Since the government introduced the small, household size power plant category the installed capacity was grown quickly in the last seven years. The general capacity was 0.51 MW altogether at the end of year 2008 but it has already approached 129 MW’s at the end of year 2015. The general capacity was increased by the multiple of the previous year every year between 2008 and 2015 and there will be more a dynamic capacity expansion. Data about the capacity and the produced electricity can be displayed on municipality level, too. The purpose of the investigations is to determine: how can the built capacity of the small, household size power plant category participates in the electricity supply of the Hungarian settlements? So how many percentages of electricity demand can be gratified by this electricity power on the settlements? Based on this a ranking can be made among municipalities which shows the level of sufficiency in production of renewable energy and give a possibility for the power shift. Finally, to what extent can be built upon this power plant category in order to that Hungary can comply its objective value.

  • Engineering Spatial Ability and Spatial Geometry – Research Experiences 1.

    Spatial visualization skills have an important role in teaching and learning of engineering studies. Many studies have shown that there are correlations between various measures of spatial skills and performance in particular Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Many engineering students have problems with imagining a spatial figure and therefore to solve the spatial geometry exercises, so development of spatial ability is very important. We have developed special tools and worksheets for development of spatial abilities

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