Formal requirements

Please format your article in MS Office and upload it in docx format. 

Template is available here.

Anonymus template is available here. 

It is recommended that manuscripts submitted follow the structure below:

Abstract The Abstract has to be written in English. If the article is in Hungarian, the abstract has to be written in Hungarian and English. The abstract should briefly summarize the aim, findings, or purpose of the article. Maximum 150-200 words and do not cite references in the abstract.

Keywords List three to five pertinent keywords specific to the article.

Introduction This section should explain the background of the study, its aims, a summary of the existing literature, and the importance of the study.

Methods The methods section should include:

  • characteristics of the participants or description of the materials;
  • a clear description of the procedures and methods used.

Results It shall include the results of the study, including, where appropriate, the results of the statistical analysis, either in the text or in the form of tables and figures.

DiscussionIn this chapter, it is advised to refer back to the hypothesis and the research questions How does the set of results shed a new light on the topic?

Conclusions  Clearly state the main conclusions and explain the importance and relevance of the study to the field. What new answers does it provide, or what new questions does it raise that will inspire further studies. Keep your voice clear and simple.

Funding Declare the sources of funding.

Authors' contributions The individual contributions of authors to the manuscript should be specified in this section.

Acknowledgments In this section, you can thank those who helped you to prepare your article.

Conflicts of Interest Declare conflicts of interest or state “The authors declare no conflict of interest.”

References References must be in IEEE format. More information here and here.  We recommend using reference management software such as EndNote, Mendeley, and RefWorks.

Other mandatory rules:

All words in the English title of the article should begin with a capital letter (except prepositions, conjunctions, and pronouns).

In the case of multiple authors, please number the names and corresponding affiliations in superscript. (If the authors are from the same university/department, please also include the name of the institution and e-mail address for each author.)

References. All sources cited must be professionally referenced. Authors must cite all publications whose scientific results they have used in their work. Only those references to which reference is made in the text and which are directly related to the problem being researched should be listed. The IEEE citation format should also be followed for in-text citations.

The bibliography should be included in the References section at the end of the paper. The bibliography should include the DOI number of the cited articles, studies, and books if they have such an identifier.

All illustrations, figures, and tables should be inserted in the manuscript and not at the end of the text. Please use Arabic numerals for numbering.

Please prepare tables in MS Word or MS Excel and include them in the manuscript. They should not be inserted as images.

Figures should be titled and, if they are diagrams, should be prepared in MS Word or MS Excel and inserted in the manuscript. They cannot be inserted as images.

Please provide units of measurement, and symbol explanations as appropriate.

The volume/number designation in the header and the DOI number do not need to be changed, they will be added by the editors.

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