The Editorial Board of the International Journal of Engineering and Management Sciences publishes articles peer-reviewed by members of the Editorial Board with scientific qualifications or by a person with scientific qualifications who has been invited to do so.

Manuscripts submitted as author or co-author by an editorial board member or a reviewer of the journal may not be reviewed by that editor or reviewer.

The author(s) of the manuscript and the referee(s) of the manuscript must not be from the same institution.

All papers published by the journal, regardless of genre, undergo two independent anonymous peer reviews. 

The peer review process

Submitted manuscripts go through an anonymous proofreading process before publication ((double-blind peer review). Articles are peer-reviewed by reviewers with academic degrees.

The peer review criteria are as follows:

1. Compliance of the manuscript with the formal, citation and length requirements set out in the author guidelines.
2. Language correctness, clarity and freedom of expression.
3. Clarity of illustrations, figures and tables, appropriateness of content and form.
4. Topicality, originality and relevance to the concept of the journal.
5. Consistent use of scientifically and professionally accurate terminology.
6. Structural proportionality of the paper, logical structuring of main and sub-chapters, structure of the paper, clarity.
7. Literature and theoretical grounding of the study, comparison of cited publications with the author's own results.
8. Professional processing, use of appropriate methodology.
9. Relevance of conclusions, formulation of own opinion, appropriateness of conclusions.

In his/her peer review opinion, the referee of the article will comment on the technical merits of the article and recommend its publication or rejection. The editorial office will send the author the completed referee opinion.

If the reviewed manuscript is not rejected but does not meet the requirements for publication in terms of content and/or form, the editor will review the revised manuscript and, if it meets the editor's requirements and the author's guidelines, will send the manuscript for editing and publish it in the journal. If necessary, a new round of proofreading will be initiated.

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