The transition problem in Hungary: curricular approach


Copyright (c) 2022 Éva Erdélyi, András Ferenc Dukán, Csaba Szabó

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Erdélyi, Éva, Dukán, A., & Szabó, C. (2019). The transition problem in Hungary: curricular approach. Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science, 17(1), 1-16.

The curricular background of the transition problem from highschool to universty is analysed in Hungary. While students finish their mathematical studies successfully at highschool, pass their final exams, this knowledge seems to disappear at their first year at university. We investigate the mathematical knowledge expected by the Hungarian universities and compare it to expectations of the National Core Curriculum. Based on the levelling tests of four universities we created a seven problem test for highschool students containing very basic problems required both by the universities and the National Core Curriculum. We analyse the results of the test.

Subject Classification: D34, D35