● Reviewers hold the responsibility to be objective in their judgements,
● have no conflict of interest concerning the research, the authors, and/or the research funders,
● point out relevant published work which is not yet cited by the author(s) and
● treat the reviewed articles confidentially.

The Reviewer and the Author remain anonymous throughout the “double-blind” review process.
Reviewers are selected according to their expertise in their fieldwork. Submitted papers are reviewed by at least two independent Reviewers.
The primary task of reviewers is to assist the editorial team in making editorial decisions. Reviewers are requested to evaluate whether the manuscript has already been published in another journal, is theoretically and methodologically sound, contains results that are clearly presented and support the conclusions and is the bibliography appropriate. Reviewers are encouraged to use the review form.

Reviewers judge each paper based on the following scale:
1. acceptance is decidedly recommended;
2. acceptance is possible with minor modification;
3. acceptance is possible with major modification;
4. acceptance is not recommended.