● Editors hold full authority to reject/accept an article,
● preserve the anonymity of reviewers and
● have no conflict of interest concerning articles they reject/accept.

All submissions are subject to peer review and editorial control of length and style.
If the Editors evaluate the manuscript to be worthy of consideration for publication in Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science, it will be sent to two reviewers. If the opinions of the two Reviewers differ significantly, the Editors will also seek the opinion of a third Reviewer. After the manuscript has been reviewed, a decision is sent to the Corresponding Author, along with recommendations made by the referees. All manuscripts are reviewed as rapidly as possible, but the review process usually takes at least 3 months.

The Editorial Team is committed to a strict policy against plagiarism and false data.
Whenever it is recognized that a published paper contains a significant inaccuracy, such as rearranging the authorship order, adding important information to the text, changing some data, or replacing an entry in the reference list, it will be corrected promptly using the Erratum form.

Suppose it turns out that an already published article was unsuitable for publication for some well-based ethical reason. In that case, it will be retracted in an identifiable way to readers and indexing systems.