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The Value of Engineering and Technology, Agricultural, and Informatics Degrees on the Labour Market
Published August 21, 2020

Nowadays the rising unemployment rate for newly graduated students poses a considerable problem. Although obtaining a degree and a certificate is not enough on the labour market, it is a fact that college graduates' unemployment rates overall are still lower than the national average. In this paper we focus on the value of engineering and techn...ology degrees, agricultural degrees and the informatics degree on the labour market.

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Young Romani People in Higher Educatiton
Published August 6, 2020

Are we prepared for the fact that young Romani people enter higher educati on in large numbers? Is the labour market ready for the recepti on of this newly appearing graduate group? Will these young people possess Romological knowledge acquired in higher educati on? Do we know what the Romani are like?

What to teach within the scope of legal English and how to teach it?
Published August 6, 2020

There are genre differences between English and Hungarian legal texts even of an almost similar function. To understand and tackle these differences it is not enough – though inevitable – to understand legal terminology. To be able to produce adequate and acceptable, functionally equivalent translated texts, legal translators should underst...and the difference between the two legal systems. On the basis of the above mentioned statements a textbook for ESP as well as translating for a specific purpose, namely legal English, was compiled for MA students who do not have a degree in law.

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Examination of the heavy metal contant in urban soils in district XI. in Budapest
Published August 6, 2020

The soils contaminant content is influenced mostly in the cities by antrophogenic effects, such as building operations, vehicular traffic, inefficient saverage or drainage problems, when different materials add to the soil. These materials location and movements are changing continuously in soils. The pollution degree depends on the distance the surface, the composotion of the soil, the effect rate, the thickness of soil, the composition and proportion of soil-forming minerals. In our study the heavy metal contant in urban soils was examined in district XI. in Budapest, based on different chemical and mineralogical properties of soils.

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The relation between fish consumption and catering
Published August 6, 2020

Fish consumption is a highly important area in the field of healthy nutrition. It is well known that besides the culinary delights, fish has a very significant physiological effect, which could increase the average lifetime and could help to improve the life quality during a longer life. Therefore it would be essential for the catering industry... to improve their role within this field. They should reshape the eating habits of the ones, who are usually dining outside their homes unperceived, by using fish specialties, combining different cooking and preparation methods and possibilities. However, the observation illustrates that guests are only aware of a limited utilization of this ingredient and unfortunately in catering businesses there are only a few experimenting chefs, who replace traditional flavors with fish specialties.

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Published August 21, 2020

There is an old advertising slogan: ‘Insurance is security’. This is a watertight establishment both from an economic-philosophical and an insurance-theoretical view. Those who strive for security, insure themselves. The mountaineer acts this way if he or she takes a security rope with himself or herself or the acrobat who has a security ne...t stretched under himself or herself before his or her ‘death leap’. The businessman does the same who insures not only his dangerous deals but also his seemingly safe transactions to the necessary degree. He strives for security, he is fully aware that he has to manage risk; his civilization in this field leads him to the culture of insurance and security, so much so that nowadays the need for security has been associated with every success-oriented economic and financial transaction. The study gives a historical account of the development of insurance and security and the culture of security from ancient times to the present complemented with the corporate circle, with the central problems of health insurance.

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Published August 21, 2020

Territorial determination of the tourism development areas is crucial for professionals responsible for destination management. The direct motives are (1) the available financial development funds, (2) the expansion of tourism supra- and infrastructure, (3) the evolvement of destination image, however induced factors can be (1) the involvement ...of ancillary services or (2) using single communication. Main concern of the tourism supply is to provide sufficient information to the potential travellers, although the question arises how demand is able to follow the iterative changing in determinations. The fact that a narrower area is periodically associated with a different tourism development area and thus has different communication generates a degree of uncertainty in the tourists’ travel decision. Current article introduces a section of a research project for the assessment of the awareness of current tourism development areas by tourists. After the clarification of concepts paper details the results of pilot testing which makes foundation for a large-sample market research. Findings are instructive not just in terms of measurement correction, but for further considerations.

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