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The Design Respects of Engineers for Planning Agricultural Machines
Published August 6, 2020

The present study acquaints the reader with the designer behaviour of product designer engineers, which is very useful for agro-technical, operati onal, and agro-marketi ng experts who strive for value-based purchases and is of novelty for industrial product developers and designers. The designer-engineer has an integrati ng personality. He a signifi cant added value to the product. He is responsible not only for the outer appearance of the product, but also for the harmony of functi on, form, and technical content. The purpose of the present study is to investi gate the following types of behaviour: industrial view, materialisti c view, systemic planning, eco-planning, ergonomic planning, bionic planning, communicati ve planning, marketi ng-centred planning, and formal planning.

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Product design with a marketing approach
Published August 6, 2020

An engineer and creative artist of an industrial product – the designer – conveys significant added  value into his object. Not only with respect to its appearance but concerning its functionality, technical and even economic, sales promoting content as well. In our paper we are investigating the nature of this process. We try to show ...that the promotional approach is one of the dominant features of design. It aims to create a product that is capable of selling itself. As the examples of the classics, H. Ford and R. Loevy had proved a hundred years ago, it does not render advertising superfluous but forces it to the background. A special feature of designer products is that they do not only formulate our angle but can be sold at extra profit. The modern attitude of „use it and discard it” is being replaced by more concerned consumer behaviour. It is creating a new quality. Just consider the environments (of V. Panton), the designer hotels, the „dream car designs” and today’s trends in vehicle design.

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Published August 21, 2020

Technical and economic professionals have to expect serious challenges if they want to take the insurance of the sustainable development of the natural environment into co nsideration. Apart from the professional difficulties they especially have to prepare for the fact that mainly the proponents of ecology make their work difficult. They have hold their ground in the field of force where the politicians of green organiza tions and the environmental science are dead set
against each other. Further on we do not intend to get entangled in this incoherent system of relations. We would rather look into its ethical connections and the history of its origin.

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Published August 21, 2020

There is an old advertising slogan: ‘Insurance is security’. This is a watertight establishment both from an economic-philosophical and an insurance-theoretical view. Those who strive for security, insure themselves. The mountaineer acts this way if he or she takes a security rope with himself or herself or the acrobat who has a security ne...t stretched under himself or herself before his or her ‘death leap’. The businessman does the same who insures not only his dangerous deals but also his seemingly safe transactions to the necessary degree. He strives for security, he is fully aware that he has to manage risk; his civilization in this field leads him to the culture of insurance and security, so much so that nowadays the need for security has been associated with every success-oriented economic and financial transaction. The study gives a historical account of the development of insurance and security and the culture of security from ancient times to the present complemented with the corporate circle, with the central problems of health insurance.

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