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Guesthouse catering facility as an experience generator in electronic communication of hungarian rural tourism supply
Published August 21, 2020

Based on the model of tourism experience components, the experience basis and experience generators allow the creation of experience promises, the formation of experience imagination and the realization of experience. The catering facilities of rural tourism cannot be considered as a part of the experience basis from the point of view of supply... due to the legislative framework i.e. the limited availability of catering services. At the same time, demand considers as an essential supply element the countryside flavours, the tasting of traditional gastronomy in terms of both the endowment and the availability and from the professional point of view, the appearance of a supply element in rural tourism in Hungary is unquestionable. The exploratory research covers the entire range of qualified accommodation based on the FATOSZ (Hungarian National Association of Rural and Agrotourism) electronic communication database, analyses the experience promises based on the aspects developed according to the topic, identifying their experience basis or experience generator characteristics, looking for the relationship between quality and the gastronomic experiences.

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Interpretative Possibilities of Local Products and their Role in the Development of Tourism Destinations
Published August 6, 2020

Rural tourism is a progressively growing factor of local economy in Europe. For this, those products of rural tourism are needed that are based on direct rural at raci ons like natural facilii es, technical at ractions, demonstrai on of special aci vii es. The examinai on which is presented above is about the products of rural tourism. It exami...nes the system of interaci ons between the eff ects of the development on products of rural tourism. In addii on, it examines the eff ects of arrangements made in rural development on the development of tourism. In the future one way of the rural development can be the development of rural tourism giving a chance for alternai ve aci vii es and ways of earning money. Among the several specialized tourism it is gastronomic tourism that is mostly based on tradii on. It is very close to rural people, they can easily keep these tradii ons alive and they can think they are closed related with them. The astronomical tourisi c off ers of rural small regions and the natural curiosity of tourists can induce a development that can be a base of conscious development of products. 

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The relation between fish consumption and catering
Published August 6, 2020

Fish consumption is a highly important area in the field of healthy nutrition. It is well known that besides the culinary delights, fish has a very significant physiological effect, which could increase the average lifetime and could help to improve the life quality during a longer life. Therefore it would be essential for the catering industry... to improve their role within this field. They should reshape the eating habits of the ones, who are usually dining outside their homes unperceived, by using fish specialties, combining different cooking and preparation methods and possibilities. However, the observation illustrates that guests are only aware of a limited utilization of this ingredient and unfortunately in catering businesses there are only a few experimenting chefs, who replace traditional flavors with fish specialties.

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Catering in the Dining Cars of the Future
Published August 6, 2020

The examination of catering has become an importantissue for MÁV, the Hungarian Railways again. It plays an extremely outstanding role during longer trips, but it can also increase the comfort of passengers during shorter trips. Numerous good examples can be found worldwide, which can be adopted by Hungary. The present examination and research... have started at the request of MÁV Zrt. Railway is the second most significant way of transport, aft er the airlines. However in order to be able to keep this position, railway has to widen its range of services, such as dining cars. We are trying to support the reform of dining cars considering all the relevant professional viewpoints.

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Competence Compliance in the Practice of Adult Education
Published August 21, 2020


The Formation of the System of Cooperative Adult Education
Published August 21, 2020


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