Vol. 6 No. Különszám (2013)

Food Labels from the Point of View of Consumers

Published August 6, 2020
Róbert Sándor Szűcs
Anett Krikuska
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Szűcs, R. S., & Krikuska, A. (2020). Food Labels from the Point of View of Consumers. Economica, 6(Különszám), 50–57. https://doi.org/10.47282/ECONOMICA/2013/6/Különszám/4458

On the basis of our secondary research fi ndings it can be stated that the majority of young Hungarians are intensive consumers of foods with a high level of fat, salt and sugar. We can state that they do not understand the noti ons of food labels, and are not aware of the signs’ meaning on product packages. Only half of the young read the list of ingredients on the back of products. The situati on is even more aggravated as only 40% of respondents are aware of the eff ects of components (by their own avowal). There are no food labels supporti ng consumer decisions in Hungary. It is necessary to take other countries’ practi ce into considerati on, for example the practi ce, the food labels of the USA and the idea of the Hungarian Nati onal Heart Foundati on.