Vol. 10 No. 1 (2019)


Published August 21, 2020
Annamária Horváthné Kökény
John von Neumann University
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Horváthné Kökény, A. (2020). AWARENESS OF THE ADVANTAGES OF VOL-UNTARY MUTUAL FUNDS ACCOUNT. Economica, 10(1), 13–20. https://doi.org/10.47282/ECONOMICA/2019/10/1/4117

Building upon the results of my dissertation, in the course of my research I studied that how households know and take advantages of tax benefits of Voluntary Mutual Funds. It is im-portant to find out the reasons why it is losing its relevance and why the households are not making better use of the related government grants. In my present article I discuss the ac-quaintance of Voluntary Mutual Funds Account, with its advantages and disadvantages. Also the functions of households in the Budget, or in other words, what unexploited opportu-nities are there, that are worth utilizing in every household with the appropriate financial knowledge. I examine the answer to the question to how the households could be influenced, or influenced better to take advantage of several government grants, or to do that more effi-ciently. In the interest of this it is necessary to develop people’s financial culture on the ap-propriate level. Government regulations are not enough. It cannot reach its aim properly, if there are problems with the flow of information in the course of coding or decoding, prevent-ing the appropriate communication.