Vol 10 No 2 (2019)

Application of decision-tree on wellness tourism visitors~ health behaviour changes

Published December 1, 2019
Orsolya Savella
John von Neumann University
Péter Dudás
John von Neumann University


In the case of social science research, the link between observation and theory can cause difficulties for researchers. Direct observation and measurement are rarely possible. Because the processes are constantly changing, it is possible to observe the phenomena once. Some of the models of mathematical, statistical methods are made in uncertain circumstances, which take into account the more important factors, but also the probable variables can be expressed. The technique used to make such a model is the decision tree method, which is a graphical model used in decision making, in which several choices are available and their outputs are uncertain. The study illustrates the use of this model, focusing on the health behavior of individuals involved in health tourism travel.