Psychology - an inherent part of mathematics education


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Fuchs, K. J. (2023). Psychology - an inherent part of mathematics education. Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science, 21(1), 1-18.

On the chronology of individual stations of psychology and their effect on mathematics education designed as working document for use in teacher training.
The article is structured as a literature survey which covers the numerous movements of psychology towards mathematics education. The current role of psychology in mathematics education documented by different statements and models of mathematics education should provide a basis for the subsequent investigations. A longitudinal analysis pausing at essential marks takes centre of the continuative considerations. The observed space of time in the chapter covers a wide range. It starts with the separation of psychology from philosophy as a self-contained discipline in the middle of the 19th and ends with the beginning of the 21st century. Each stop states the names of the originators and the branches of psychology they founded. These stops are accompanied by short descriptions of each single research objective on the one hand, and their contributions to mathematics education on the other hand. For this purpose, context-relevant publications in mathematics education are integrated and analysed. The evaluation of the influence of concepts of psychology on teaching technology in mathematics is addressed repeatedly and of great importance. The layout of this paper is designed for the use as a template for a unit in teacher-training courses. The conclusion of the article where the author refers to experiences when teaching elements of psychology in mathematics education courses at several universities in Austria is intended for a proof on behalf of the requested use.

Subject Classification: 01A70, 01-XX, 97-03, 97D80