What does ICT help and does not help?

September 13, 2022
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What does ICT help and does not help?. (2022). Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science, 20(1), 33-49.

Year by year, ICT tools and related teaching methods are evolving a lot. Since 2016, the author of the present lines has been looking for a connection between them that supports the development of mathematical competencies and could be integrated into Transcarpathian minority Hungarian language education too. As a doctoral student at the University of Debrecen, I experienced, for example, how the interactive whiteboard revolutionized illustration in Hungarian mathematics teaching, and how it facilitated students' involvement. During my research of teaching in this regard, in some cases, the digital solution had advantageous effects versus concrete-manipulative representation of
Bruner's too.
At the same time, ICT "canned" learning materials (videos, presentations, ...) allow for a shift towards repetitive learning instead of simultaneous active participation, which can be compensated for by the "retrieval-enhanced" learning method.
I have conducted and intend to conduct several research projects in a Transcarpathian Hungarian primary school. In the research so far, I examined whether, in addition to the financial and infrastructural features of the Transcarpathian Hungarian school, the increased "ICT-supported" and the "retrieval-enhanced" learning method could be integrated into institutional mathematics education. I examined the use of two types of ICT devices: one was the interactive whiteboard, and the other was providing one computer per student.
In this article, I describe my experiences, gained during one semester, in the class taught with the interactive whiteboard on the one hand, and in the class taught according to the "retrieval-enhanced" learning method on the other hand.
I compare the effectiveness of the classes to their previous achievements, to each other, and to a class in Hungary.

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