Vol. 8 No. 4/2 (2015)

Trends in the Development of Weapon Systems

Published August 21, 2020
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Békési, B., & Szegedi, P. (2020). Trends in the Development of Weapon Systems. Economica, 8(4/2), 174–184. https://doi.org/10.47282/ECONOMICA/2015/8/4/2/4603

Nowadays the defence industry and the development of new technologies have been intertwined. Recently weapons and weapon systems have been tested that, little before, only science-fiction fans could believe to be possible and it was but a few professional insiders, mainly developers, who were encouraged to have anything like this on their design desks. Today the development of the defense industry is synonymous with that of new technologies from which societies benefit in at least two ways: (1) they improve the social and national safety and security, and (2) provide new tools for everyday use. The article aims to introduce readers to some features of the evolving change being presently experienced in modern warfare through some examples of the up-to-date weapons, weapon systems and technologies, and let them have a glance also at their possible forms of use in the near future.