Vol. 23 No. 2 (2018)

Lactuca tatarica (Asteraceae), a new species for the Hungarian alien flora

Published July 1, 2018
Márton Korda
Soproni Egyetem
Éva Kergyik
Soproni Egyetem
Anna Tóth
Soproni Egyetem
Ágnes Csiszár
Soproni Egyetem
PDF (Magyar)


Korda, M., Kergyik, Éva, Tóth, A., & Csiszár, Ágnes. (2018). Lactuca tatarica (Asteraceae), a new species for the Hungarian alien flora. Kitaibelia, 23(2), 170-178. Retrieved from https://ojs.lib.unideb.hu/kitaibelia/article/view/7119

The first occurrence of blue lettuce (Lactuca tatarica (L.) C.A. Mey.) is reported from Hun­ga­ry. Information on its taxonomy, morphology, distribution, habitat preference and nature conservation aspects is presented. The European local spread of this Eurasian and North American species started at the end of the 1800s. The first localities were reported from the shores of the Baltic and North Sea. Its alien occurrences in inland European regions have been noticed since the 1920s. As L. tatarica have pre­viously been known from the neighbouring territories of Slovakia and Austria, its appearance in Hun­gary is not at all unexpected. However, the species was found (August 2018) in the southern part of Csongrád county, i.e. far away from the above-mentioned countries. Due to the species’ habitat preference (ruderal ground), ecological requirements and successful vegetative propagation, which correspond to foreign observations, its future spread is highly probable.