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The Role of “Gulyásfesztivál” in Tourism of Szolnok City and Changes of its Visitors
Published August 21, 2020

Nowadays the gastronomy does not only appear as a tourist supra-structure service, but it is part of the supply of attraction by its gastronomic events. This research aims to answer the question, that by what means are motivated the participants to visit the gastronomic festivals, and how has changed the motivations in the last period. The resu...lts of secondary and the primary analysis may provide guidance for communicating on the gastronomic festivals in the next few years.

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Guesthouse catering facility as an experience generator in electronic communication of hungarian rural tourism supply
Published August 21, 2020

Based on the model of tourism experience components, the experience basis and experience generators allow the creation of experience promises, the formation of experience imagination and the realization of experience. The catering facilities of rural tourism cannot be considered as a part of the experience basis from the point of view of supply... due to the legislative framework i.e. the limited availability of catering services. At the same time, demand considers as an essential supply element the countryside flavours, the tasting of traditional gastronomy in terms of both the endowment and the availability and from the professional point of view, the appearance of a supply element in rural tourism in Hungary is unquestionable. The exploratory research covers the entire range of qualified accommodation based on the FATOSZ (Hungarian National Association of Rural and Agrotourism) electronic communication database, analyses the experience promises based on the aspects developed according to the topic, identifying their experience basis or experience generator characteristics, looking for the relationship between quality and the gastronomic experiences.

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The Development of Business in Various Regions with the Use of Marketing Tools
Published August 21, 2020

In present day Slovakia, a huge emphasis is put on the development of business in individual regions, by which employment and economic expansion is guaranteed. One of the methods how businessmen from stagnant regions can improve their economics is marketing and the appropriate use of marketing tools. In the given paper we present possibilities ...for development and improvement businesses in less developed regions by the means of marketing activities. The research was realised in chosen enterprises from the field of gastronomy and it concentrated on the use of marketing tools. In the end we propose the results of the research, suggestions and references out of which we consider the effective use of marketing tools to be the most important, especially marketing communication and also information-communication technologies that should be used more by managers.

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