Vol 6, No 1. (2019)

Published December 23, 2019



Adaptive Backstepping Controller of PMLSM

In this paper, a nonlinear adaptive speed controller for permanent magnet linear synchronous motors based on a newly developed adaptive recursive Backstepping control approach for a permanent magnet synchronous motor drive is discussed and analyzed. The Backstepping technique provides a systematic method to address this type of problem. It comb...ines the notion of Lyapunov function and a controller procedure recursively.  The adaptive Backstepping control approach is utilized to obtain the robustness for mismatched parameter uncertainties. The overall stability of the system is shown using Lyapunov stability theorem. The simulation results clearly show that the proposed scheme can track the speed reference.

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Solar Tracker Platform Development for Energy Efficiency Improvement of Photovoltaic Panels

Solar energy systems have emerged over the last decades as the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy resources available worldwide. Solar trackers are devices specially developed to enhance the energy efficiency of solar energy systems. This paper presents the design and implementation stages of a reconfigurable hardware technology-based ...two-axis solar tracker platform, specially conceived to improve the energy efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) panels. The main module of this platform is the NI-MyRIO ready-to-use development system built upon a high-performance Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processor that controls the entire solar tracker unit. Optimal tracking of the sun movement and obtaining the maximal energy efficiency rate is achieved by simultaneous real-time controlling both the captured sunlight intensity and PV cell temperature magnitudes. In this way, a robust and versatile positioning system has been developed that performs a high precision and accurate tracking pathway. All the control algorithms are implemented there under the LabView graphical programming software toolkit. The final solution boosts in a useful and modularized tracking system that looks useful in a wide range of applications both in industrial and domestic project sites with different power scales.

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The Intelligent Space Modeled as a Cyber-Physical System

According to a general rule definition, the intelligent space (iSpace) is defined as a location (or space) provided with electronic sensor networks that enable the considered environment with intelligent behaviors. As a result, the considered space will be able to perceive stimulus around them and to understand events that happen its near surro...unding. Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) are building blocks in Industry 4.0 that links digital technology and the physical environment in an industrial context. They combine intelligent physical objects and systems on a high level of functions integration. This paper emphasizes the main idea that intelligent spaces may be also modeled as complex cyber-physical systems, as well. This approach has been developed by discussing the theoretical basis of both the iSpaces and CPSs, respectively unfolding a short comparison between their basic behaviors. As a concrete example, the CPS model of a given iSpace framework is presented and discussed widely in the paper. This model has been experimented by using a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processor-based ready-to-use development systems and software technologies that handles reconfigurable hardware technology. The implementation proves that the developed CPS model is well feasible and expresses in all the main behaviors and functions of iSpaces. It is also mentioned that the actual stage of the technological development terms and scientific areas related to iSpaces and CPSs overlaps. In fact, this is not surprising at all by considering nowadays evidence that iSpaces are widely present and shared components in modern manufactory processes that are an inherent part of Industry 4.0 vision and reality.

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System Identification and Model Validation of Recursive Least Squares Algorithm for Box–Jenkins Systems

In this paper, a new-type recursive least squares algorithm is proposed for identifying the system model parameters and the noise model parameters of Box–Jenkins Systems. The basic idea is based on replacing the unmeasurable variables in the information vectors with their estimates. The proposed algorithm has high computational efficiency bec...ause the dimensions of the involved covariance matrices in each subsystem become small. Validation of the model is evaluated using some statistical methods, Which, best-fit criterion and Histogram. Simulation results are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

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Rigged hand model for the Blender Game Engine

In a lot of virtual reality applications, it is necessary to display and animate the user's hand in the virtual world. In game engines, armatures are often used for modeling parts or the whole of the human body. The process of creating the armature and assigning parts of the mesh representing flesh and skin to the “bones” of the armature is... called rigging. After performing rigging, moving the armature will result in the movement of the mesh, thus the virtual hand (or other object) is animated. The Blender Game Engine (BGE) is one of the few open-source game engines available. The paper gives a detailed description of the process of successfully building a complex rigged hand model for the BGE and gives guidance for driving this hand model with input data from the Leap Motion hand movement detector. The rigged hand model has been implemented, using the hand mesh from the LibHand library and an armature specifically built to match the hand representation of the Leap Motion. The model will be used for navigation and interaction in the virtual model of a power plant control room.

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NI LabVIEW Based Camera System Used for Gait Detection

In these times, with the development of the world, biometric identification systems are becoming more and more widespread. Access control systems, but even the most mid-range smartphones have biometric authentication features, and even ID cards can include a person's fingerprint. The research group previously realized a rudimentary gait recogni...tion system, which was upgraded to a multicamera system with high-resolution cameras and instead of reference points, the new version recognizes different templates. The program can compare and evaluate the functions that are matched to the reference curve and the current curve in a specific way, whether two walking images are identical. The comparison is decided by the definite integrals of the two suited functions. The self-developed gait recognition system was tested by the research team on several test subjects and according to the results, permission was never given to a strange person.

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Gépjárművédelmi megoldások a modern lopási módszerek ellen

A cikk bemutatja a modern gépjármű lopási eszközöket és módszereket, illetve a Gorilla gépjárművédelmi rendszer fejlesztésből műszaki részleteket, mely a jelenleg alkalmazott módszerek ellen hatásos védelmet jelent. A cikk taglalja a gépjárművekbe utólagosan integrált eszközök rádiós megoldásainak műszaki és bizto...nságtechnikai nehézségeit is.

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Internet – alapú, alacsonyköltségvetésű mobilrobot építése oktatási célokra

A dolgozat címében is megjelenő témát járjuk körül. A projekt, ahogy a cím is említi, egy költséghatékony, internet – alapú mobilrobot tervezése és elkészítése, mellyel könnyen valósíthatók meg a különböző mobil robotikai feladatok. Ezt tettük elsősorban oktatási célokra és későbbi továbbfejlesztés esetén ...akár etorobotikai kutatások elősegítésére. A tervezés során fontos volt a lehető legnagyobb mértékű univerzalitás, egyszerűség és az alacsony anyagi keret. Jelen dolgozat ezen projekt koncepciójának vázlata.

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Hopping Rover Navigation Method for Rugged Environments

In this paper a navigation method is presented for space exploration robots using hopping motion in environments with large elevation differences. A monocular camera system is used to reconstruct the flight trajectory and environment around the robot using Structure from Motion while traveling. The created environmental point cloud is projected... to 2D to create a variable resolution image and image processing is used to find the most suitable position for the next landing based on normals with the help of gradient maps and error estimation. The method is evaluated in a simulation environment against the previously used protrusion based method to show that the proposed system can extend the operation of the robot to terrains with large elevation differences while still successfully avoid obstacles and dangerous areas.

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Development of an IoT based Smart meteorological station & horticultural irrigation system’s controller using a Raspberry Pi Linux server

In my current project an IoT based device has been developed, the main function of which is to allow the control of its own flexible meteorological station and irrigation system. Besides the control computer, there are meteorological sensors attached, based on which we control our agricultural irrigation apparatus.

Designing an ATmega328 microcontroller based gesture-controlled IoT UGV unit and creating a camera system using Linux distribution

The topic of the research is the design and building of a UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle), which we can control wirelessly with a glove designed for this purpose. The design and use of this gesture-controlled robot can be observed in this summary. A camera will be installed on the robot unit, whose image we can query through the local network. Fu...rthermore, the hardware and software for this camera system will be described as well.

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