Aims and Scope

The Aims of the RIiM:

Publishing New Innovations: the journal aims to showcase and promote recent mechatronics innovations, new technologies and developments.

Interdisciplinary Approach: It promotes interdisciplinary research and approaches that combine engineering, computer science and other relevant disciplines to advance mechatronics.

Promoting Research: the journal supports research and projects that promote positive change in the field of mechatronics.

The journal accepts articles from the following disciplines:

  • Introducing new and advanced mechatronic systems, robotics, control systems and related technologies.
  • Innovations and developments in intelligent transport and mobility.
  • Developments in medical devices, robotic surgical solutions and healthcare applications.
  • Mechatronic solutions and technologies that contribute to sustainability and environmental protection.
  • Applications and innovations in AI and data processing in mechatronics.
  • Presenting developments in human-robot interactions. Research and innovations in the field of social robotics to promote the integration of robots into the human community.
  • Design and development of aeroplanes, drones and other flying devices, with a focus on mechatronic systems that improve safety, efficiency and environmental engineering aspects of flight.

Submitted manuscripts are expected to 

  • fit in with the themes of the journal;
  • build on international results related to the topic;
  • be theoretically and practically relevant;
  • contribute to the international and Hungarian literature with new and original results;
  • be methodologically sound.

The manuscript submitted must be an original article or a review article.

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