About the Journal

The Department of Mechatronics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Debrecen launched a new journal in 2014, titled: “Recent Innovations in Mechatronics (RIiM)”.

The RIiM is an independent, peer-reviewed, periodic online journal, covering the topics of mechatronics and the related sciences. The aim of the journal is to publish – in two languages Hungarian and English - the latest studies and researches results of professors, departments, scientific workshop and industrial partners working in the field of mechatronics.

The RIiM periodic online journal consists of the following columns:

1. Mechatronics, Robotics, Factory Automation, Industrial Automation and Vehicle Scientific columns, Editor: Géza Husi PhD.

2. Control Systems and Theory, Renewal Energy in the Field of Mechatronics, Building Mechatronics, Biomechatronics and Healthcare Technologies in Mechatronics columns, Editor: Péter T. Szemes PhD.

3. Electronics, Electrotechnics, Image Process, Measure and Instrumental Techniques columns, Editor: Syeda Adila Afghan PhD.

DOI 10.17667

ISSN 2064-9622