Analysis of the Grey Colour Intensity in Horses

September 22, 2004
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Tóth, Z., Szőke, S., Bodó, I., Curik, I., & Sölkner, J. (2004). Analysis of the Grey Colour Intensity in Horses. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, 14, 3-7.

An investigation of different grey coat colours and a connection between colour and age of horses was carried out with two Hungarian State Studs: Bábolna and Szilvásvárad. For objective measurement of coat colour Minolta Chromameter (Model CR-210) was used. The average value of L (lightness) level by Shagya and Pure Bred Arabian horses was 63.83 ± 2.23, for Lipizzan horses was x=71.00 ± 2.29 respectively. In each stud older horses (over 10 years of age) have a flea-bitten colour stage, which decreased the L value considerably. Changes in coat colour in connection with the greying process did not show an evident tendency in the three breeds.