Vol. 9 No. 1 (2024)

Published March 28, 2024


Materials Sciences

  • Experimental Investigation on the Properties of Borneo Soft Soil Stabilized with Industrial Waste

    This research aims to investigate the physical and mechanical properties of soft soil stabilized using industrial wastes, namely fly ash and rice husk ash. For this purpose, 6 (six) variations in the composition of fly ash (F), lime (L), and rice husk ash (R) were prepared. The variations in sample composition are SFLR1 (F: 15%, L: 2.5%, R: 5%), SFLR2 (F: 20%, L: 2.5%, R: 5%), SFLR3 (F: 25%, L: 2.5%, R: 5%), SFLR4 (F: 15%, L: 5%, R: 10%), SFLR5 (F: 20%, L: 5%, R: 10%) and SFLR6 (F: 25%, L: 5%, R: 10%). Meanwhile, soft soil was obtained from Banjarmasin City in South Borneo. The sample's physical properties were analyzed using the Atterberg limit test. Moreover, the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) and direct share tests are conducted to assess the sample's mechanical properties. The research results can provide confidence that fly ash, lime, and rice husk ash have the potential to improve the physical and mechanical properties of Borneo soft soil. The results of the Atterberg limit test show that industrial wastes can lower the liquid limit and increase the plastic limit; thus, the soil plasticity index decreases. As for the CBR test results, the untreated soft soil bearing ratio value of 1.4% can be increased to 2.6% after being treated with industrial wastes. In addition, using industrial wastes also decreases the swelling of the soil. Moreover, it can be seen that greater use of fly ash can improve the mechanical properties of the soft soil. However, increasing the composition of lime and rice husk ash can reduce the mechanical properties of the soft soil. Based on the experimental results, it is proposed to use SFLR3 as soil stabilization mixtures.



  • The New Type of Employment: the Specificity of the Platform Economy and Platform Work

    The industry value of the global platform economy exceeded 7 trillion US dollars by the end of the second decade of the 21st century. The income generated by the platform economy in the European Union produced an almost five-fold increase in the period between 2016-2020, as its volume increased from 3 billion euros to 14 billion euros. Nevertheless, due to the lack of global consensus and precedent, the delimitation of the platform business model and work, its legal regulation and verifiability and compliance, due to its innovative nature, are unresolved at the world and European level. The objective of the article is to define the conditions, rules and practical application of the platform economy and platform work, relying on international (English-language, mostly European) secondary information, thereby revealing the problems and difficulties, as well as discussing its advantages and disadvantages.


Management Sciences

  • Analysis of Henbuk Startup Value Using a Scorecard Assessment Method

    This study aims to determine the valuation value of Henbuk's startup by conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses. Henbuk is a startup engaged in e-commerce. The Henbuk startup is currently in the initial funding stage, and the founders are opening opportunities for investors, which can later support operational and development activities. In obtaining funding from investors, the Henbuk startup requires an initial assessment of the company's value. The score assessment consists of several indicators, e.g., quality of the founder and team, opportunity size, product and technology, competition, marketing, sales and partnerships, and the need for additional investment. The results of the value assessment are obtained by using the Scorecard Assessment Method. The results of this study may help to determine the real value of other start-ups for the investors in the future.

  • Analysis of the Benefits of SAP S/4 HANA Cloud IT/Is Investment in the Case of PT XYZ

    PT XYZ is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Indonesia. In 2020, PT XYZ implemented a digital transformation to increase its excellence by investing in industry telecommunication and information systems (IT/IS) enterprise resource planning software called SAP (System Application and Processing) S/4 HANA Cloud. The study aims to analyze the benefits of these IT investments made in PT XYZ. The results are carried out using the Comparative Analysis of Financial Statements followed by Business Value and Financial Feasibility Analysis and the Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) method between 2018 and 2021. It can be revealed that the SAP S/4 Hana Cloud investment benefits the company's operations, which are identified in the form of 5 sub-categories that fall into required categories based on Ranti's Generic IT/IS Business Value.

  • The Importance of Continuous Organizational Project Risk Management and the Value of Project Management Certificates in the Customers’ Eyes

    In an increasingly complex and volatile business environment, organizational project risk management plays a critical role in determining the chances of project success. Project management has become a common tool in the hands of large organizations for executing development and improving their production cycles in a more carefully planned way. However, the future is often hard to predict, and unexpected events may occur which could have been avoided with the use of the right tools and mindset. This comprehensive research study aims to showcase the importance of continuous risk management in organizations and highlight how risk management contributes to successful project outcomes. By synthesizing information from 59 high-quality publications from Scopus and Web of Science, the research describes various risk mitigation methodologies used across diverse fields, and explores potential obstacles faced by project managers when executing risk management strategies. The primary research of the study builds upon a survey conducted with 181 experienced project managers across various industries to gain deeper insights into their risk management approaches and the constraints they may encounter. Additionally, the study seeks to analyse the value of obtaining project management certificates in relationship with led projects’ length and budget. Employing SPSS, the research presents descriptive statistics, regression, and correlation calculations to further analyse the data gathered. The aim of the research is to draw attention to the significance of continuous risk management, propose effective methodologies, identify and mitigate potential challenges, and shed light on the potential benefits of having certifications in the field of project management. This study aims to present valuable knowledge for both researchers and organizations striving to better understand the field of project risk management strategies through the systematic literature review and quantitative research results presented.

  • Entrepreneurial Climate – Management of Women's Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship, which people can have without formal economic education, is a tendency acquired through upbringing in the family, competition in school, implies risk and constant self-affirmation through the acquisition of profits and losses, so that it represents the sum of successes and failures, victory and defeat. In the last thirty years, female entrepreneurship has been developing more and more, especially in less developed countries, the reason for such growth is primarily reflected in the promotion of equality between men and women, the right to education, and the development of democracy. Female entrepreneurship is a significant factor in economic development, so the national economy becomes richer. The subject of this research are the entrepreneurial climate in the Balkans compared to the world in terms of female entrepreneurship, what is the role of the family in starting a small business, as well as its survival and growth. In the study the results of previous research in this area. The research method is based on a comparative analysis of studies dealing with this problem from the territory of Balkans. It can be concluded that in the Balkans, female entrepreneurship is still in its infancy, it is about a very small percentage of female entrepreneurs, although according to research, it is evident that there has been no major progress in the last 15 years. Recommendation In the countries of the Balkans, there is a good entrepreneurial climate for the development of female entrepreneurship, especially because women can work from home, and in the future it is necessary to go in this direction.

  • Inbound and Outbound Tourism in China: A Perspective Article

    The tourism industry in China has undergone significant changes due to globalization, technology, and changing consumer preferences. This perspective article, based on a systematic literature review, examines examines trends, challenges, and opportunities in inbound and outbound tourism in China, focusing on the industry's dynamism. Both inbound and outbound tourism have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has prompted new strategies and environmental adaptations. China has changed its priorities within the country to encourage domestic travel and support local firms. The rise in internationalisation and the growing middle class in China have led to an unprecedented rise in outbound travel. Chinese travellers are affecting travel habits and spending all around the world in the tourism sector. Language barriers, cultural differences, and safety concerns are some of the challenges that come with travelling abroad. To reach its full potential, China needs to adapt to the shifting global environment and take into account the specifications and preferences of both inbound and outgoing tourists. 


Sport Economics

  • The Governance of Sports Organizations in Morocco: the Case of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Judo and Related Martial Arts

    Governance is crucial for effective sports organization management, particularly as sports organizations increasingly adopt business models. Research inquiries into suitable governance practices in sports have grown, reflecting the evolving landscape of sports management. This qualitative research examined the governance of the Moroccan Judo Federation through semi-structured interviews and analysis using Voyant Tools. Stakeholders, including the vice president, board members, coaches, athletes, referees, technical committee members, and financial manager, provided insights on key aspects of governance. The findings emphasized the importance of strong leadership, effective decision-making processes, transparent governance structures, stakeholder engagement, and ethical conduct. However, challenges were identified in decision-making, stakeholder engagement, conflict resolution, and financial management. Stakeholders highlighted the need for inclusive decision-making processes and transparent and accountable governance practices. By addressing these challenges, the federation can strengthen its governance, support judo's growth, and foster fairness and inclusivity.


Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering

  • Analysis of the Causes and Effects of Noise from Rail Transport

    Noise emissions from rail transport are a major concern, as they affect both the environment and people's health and quality of life. Among the many sources of noise emissions, rail vehicles and infrastructure are a major factor. With regard to rail noise emissions, it can be concluded that noise effects are influenced by a number of factors. These factors include train speed, track condition, traction technology and the noise abatement methods used. The negative effects of noise exposure include sleep disturbance, stress and mental health deterioration. It also affects the quality of life of people in urban areas and property prices. It should be emphasised that reducing noise emissions from rail transport is key to creating a healthier and more sustainable urban environment. To achieve this, it is important to use modern noise abatement technologies, improve infrastructure and implement noise abatement actions effectively. Transport authorities and railway companies should work together to achieve a more noise-free rail transport, to improve people's quality of life and to protect the environment.


Culture Engineering Sciences

  • Selection of Possible Installation Sites for Sour Cherry Refrigerated Containers and Estimation of Container Volumes to be Installed Using GIS Tools

    The purpose of this study is to propose the selection of installation sites based on publicly available data and sour cherry refrigeration container specifications, as well as to estimate the number of containers to be installed at possible sites. Today's escalating fuel supply and fuel price extremes make it particularly important to develop a sensible logistics sub-solution in the complex process of production, harvesting, storage, processing and sales. We undertook to develop a geospatial system that can be built and operated economically, its data sources can be updated occasionally or even at regular intervals, it is suitable for producing other outputs with additional descriptive or spatial data.

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