Vol. 22 No. 2 (2017): In memoriam Gábor Fekete

Distribution of Pseudoleskea saviana (De Not.) Latzel in Hungary

Published July 1, 2017
József Nagy
Szent István Egyetem
Csaba Németh
MTA Ökológiai Kutatóközpont
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Nagy, J., & Németh, C. (2017). Distribution of Pseudoleskea saviana (De Not.) Latzel in Hungary. Kitaibelia, 22(2), 272–285. Retrieved from https://ojs.lib.unideb.hu/kitaibelia/article/view/7249

Three new localities of the moss species Pseudoleskea saviana (De Not.) Latzel were discovered in the Börzsöny Mts in the administrative district of Perőcsény village, North Hungarian Mountains (Nagy-Hideg-hegy, near Hangyás-bérc, in the col between Csóványos and Magosfa). Small populations were found on shaded andesitic boulders in mixed deciduous forests. Up to the present, only old collections of the species were known from a single locality in the Mátra Mts; therefore, the red list status was data deficient. The morphological distinction of P. saviana from P. incurvata, its closely related congener also reported from Hungary is not always exempt from difficulties. However, the presence (P. saviana) or absence (P. incurvata) of a central strand in the stems, the shape of mid-leaf cells (P. saviana: more elongated, 3–4 times as long as wide; P. incurvata: at most twice as long as wide), as well as the shape of the outer basal cells (P. saviana: quadrate or shortly rectangular; P. incurvata: transversely elongated) seem to be reliable distinctive features.