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Resources for increasing management performance and efficiency
Published August 6, 2020

The aim of the paper is refer to resources how to increase management performance and efficiency in field of industrial companies. We try to refer to opportunities which could be useful and applicable and should lead to performance improvement. The paper also discusses about factors effecting organizational and management efficiency.

The Design Respects of Engineers for Planning Agricultural Machines
Published August 6, 2020

The present study acquaints the reader with the designer behaviour of product designer engineers, which is very useful for agro-technical, operati onal, and agro-marketi ng experts who strive for value-based purchases and is of novelty for industrial product developers and designers. The designer-engineer has an integrati ng personality. He a signifi cant added value to the product. He is responsible not only for the outer appearance of the product, but also for the harmony of functi on, form, and technical content. The purpose of the present study is to investi gate the following types of behaviour: industrial view, materialisti c view, systemic planning, eco-planning, ergonomic planning, bionic planning, communicati ve planning, marketi ng-centred planning, and formal planning.

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