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The Perspectives of Theological Thinking in Ecologically Driven Food Consumption Ethics
Published August 6, 2020

Analysis of the complex environmental effects of food production and consumption points to the need of examining the ethical side of these issues. The study is is looking for possible answers to the questions 1.) what connections theology and theological ethics have to the current ecological crisis in a historic perspective, 2.) what emphasis e...ating, food production and consumption receive in ecotheological ethics, and 3.) whether contemporary theology is able to offer approaches which are acceptable and inspiring for audiences from a wider ecoethical background.

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Published August 21, 2020

Entering the digital age, business conditions have changed. The social and economic effects of Industry 4.0 surround humanity. Systems that work together in the cyber-physical space move companies and create value. Naturally, the management wants to evaluate these processes and wants to see reports about them. New times, new winds, that is, the... activities of a company based on digital technology require a new kind of reporting technique and methodology. The study briefly introduces the tools we use for this purpose. These tools (methods) also raise a number of ethical issues, while controlling and reporting must also meet the pressure of efficiency, that is, we have to increase the efficiency of reporting.

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Moral climate change – moral renewal
Published August 6, 2020

The human is a moral beings - because it does not behave as a moral being, - will come to naught. According the advocates of ethics, the not insight of this fact should lead to a global ecological disaster ( to a second flood). The possibility of survival is standing or falling with the possibility of moral action: are we aware of the existence... of good or bad? Are we able to distinguish the two? Is our freedom, to choose the good knowing both? And at the and, do we recognize our
unavoidable responsibility for our actions? This study is about it.

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