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The reasons of bee population’s decrease, its expected consequences, its effects on the environment
Published August 6, 2020

Scientific studies prove that the bee population is showing regressive tendency worlwide. It is important to protect the bee families of the Hungarian bee masters together with the high quality bee products thereby protecting our environment and our lives. Preventing the problem is the most important objective. Already there are some taken acti...ons to reduce or restrain the devastation of the bee population. A good example is the prohibition of some insecticides and seed dressings as well as the raising possibilities of the GMO vegetables in Hungary controlled by laws. Besides of this the right number of the quality bee pastures must be ensured. Using all the mentioned ones and the appropriate knowledge the growth of the bee population can be assured in the future as well. In my dissertation I’m looking for the reasions that could cause the reduction of the bee population, analyzing the possible effects and providing suggestions to find a way to balance the negative impacts.

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