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Business Rhetoric - The Effectiveness of the Words of Manipulative Focus in Personal Selling
Published August 21, 2020

On a daily basis we encounter hundreds of sales techniques which are based on the manipulation. Marketing advisors are looking for the most effective tools which lead the client into their preferred direction. In the US there are several studies about this topic. The results of experiments in the US may not be justified by people living in a di...fferent culture, such as the Hungarian people. The objective of this research is to examine the findings of the research conducted by the American Sherman-Crawford-McConnel on the basis of research carried out with Hungarian people almost 10 years later. The hypothesis is that rejection in the area of finance with the Hungarians is especially true, but the factor of regret will be less significant after the rejection, in contrast with the US research. The results of my research show that when it comes to financial matters, the technique of focusing on future regret is less effective with Hungarians over 40. This paper gives practical advice to those who want to sell financial products to Hungarian audiences.

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