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The Labour Market Study of Women Participating in Adult Education in Miskolc
Published August 21, 2020

In our study we would like to present the effect of adult education on the situation of women in the labour market in the subregion of Miskolc. During our research we developed several hypotheses that we proved by analysing the literature, by statistical data, and a questionnaire on this subject. Women over the age of 18, who are economically a...ctive and are living in the subregion of Miskolc were selected for the research. Altogether 200 people completed the questionnaire. We used IBM SPSS Statistics 20 and Microsoft Excel 2007 software to examine the data. The aim of our research was to prove that regarding the inhabitants of the subregion of Miskolc adult education is not effective enough to change the situation of women in the labour market. The results of the questionnaire showed the interest in adult education, but supply does not meet demand, since the state either does not support the education or the unemployed or the job-seeker cannot find a suitable education that would match her qualifications. We would like to recommend solutions for the development of this area, for the decrease of unemployment, for the improvement of the situation of women in the labour market and for increasing the efficiency of adult education.

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Community development role of renewable energy projects
Published August 21, 2020

The spread of utilization of renewable energy resources is primarily motivated by objectives of energy policy and climate protection. However the rural and community development role of the new investments had got a greater significance in the past years. In the last years or decades the different renewable energy sectors became an important ob...jective of regional policy. In parallel with these changes the renewable energy sources aroused the interest of potential investors. The low population density and relative richness of natural resources in rural areas provide favourable conditions for location of these investments. On the base of local economic development aspects was designated as positive effects that the investments utilize the internal resources of these regions. However in practice it raises different significant questions. What is the role of local financial resources, professional skills and sufficient number of customers in renewable energy investments? We cannot imagine authentic and successful rural development projects without considering the interests and participation of local communities. Our research focuses on requirements of prosperous and long-term sustainable renewable energy based community development solutions following Hungarian and European examples.

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