Vol. 8 No. 4/2 (2015)

The Features of the Development of Rural Tourism in Russia

Published August 21, 2020
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Voskolovich, N. A. (2020). The Features of the Development of Rural Tourism in Russia. Economica, 8(4/2), 88–91. https://doi.org/10.47282/ECONOMICA/2015/8/4/2/4591

Rural tourism in Russia is determined by established traditions, the peculiarities of the agricultural sector and share of rural population in total population.
The National Association of rural tourism organizations has been created in Russia. Rural tourism clusters have also been created as a basis for developing infrastructure. The government supports the projects of small and medium-sized businesses with subsidies and preferential loans with the creation of a tourism cluster. However, the problem of information security, the standardization of the service and the evaluation of service quality in rural tourism, transport accessibility, training of qualified personnel have not been solved yet.