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  • Sport Consumption, Fan Engagement, Sport Statistics – Post-specific Passing Characteristics in Football

    Digitalization and the explosive development of technology have led to significant changes in football. Due to the increasing amount of data available through various sensors and other data collections, we can observe the rise of data-centric, analytical and statistically oriented thinking in football, which is also of interest to fans. Digitalisation is also closely linked to sports consumption, which is why we have seen significant changes in this area in recent years. The pandemic has further amplified the speed of digital transformation in the sports industry. One of the most important contents for sports organizations and their fans is the in-depth sports statistics and analysis that enhances the consumer experience. In our study, we examined the most common performance indicator in football, passing. Our goal was to examine the position-specific pass characteristics in detail, therefore we also examined different pass properties in our research. As a model for our analysis, I chose the premier league, which has the highest UEFA coefficient. The three rounds (rounds 30-32) of the championship season 2019/2020 have been recorded and analyzed in terms of passes. there was a significant difference between the average number of passes per game between defensive and offensive players (t=7,988, p<0.05). There is also a gradual decrease in the number of passes attempted per match and the accuracy of the pass in the examination of the middle positions when examining the positions in the depth of the pitch. For both pass accuracy and average pass count, the decreasing ranking corresponds to the position of positions on the pitch (order: 1, central defender 2, defensive midfielder 3, inside midfielder 4, attacking midfielder 5, striker). In the value indicator of the position for passes, offensive positions performed more effectively than defensive positions. The extreme positions also stand out among the attacking positions, where in the case of the position value per pass number, 23.3% of the total test was completed and 14% of the amount of the established position value indicators was provided by these posts. Overall, our study points to post-specific pass characteristics and, knowing this, we can state that the comparison of players' passing performance is relevant if the players are in the same or related positions.

  • Roguelike Games: The Way We Play

    The spread of the gameable personal computers and game consoles resulted in the diversification of the video game genre, and from the 7th generation of the gaming consoles, the experience support of the games became largely enhanced. These games are now consumable owing to their resolution, the content, the plots are so fascinating so that they tie the gamer to the seat. Gamers seek experiences in the games. Still, such a special genre called roguelike was established, which is characterized by the constant termination of this world of experience in such a way that the gamer, as a results of the high level of difficulty, is obliged to start the game again and again. These new genre games are now leading titles of the new generation consoles, such as Demon’s Souls or the Returnal, gaining huge role in the introduction and sale of the new gaming console PS5. This study aims to reveal specifications of this genre, moreover, aims to describe through empirical research how gamers relate to it, and whether features of these games contribute to the devotion to them or lead to the disappointment from this world of experience. 

  • The Nonprofit Sport Businesses in Hungary

    Over the past decade, leisure activities have expanded considerably, with a strong role to play in sport, on the one hand, by the popularity of traditional sports and on the rapid spread of emerging extreme sports. This active activity is a means of spending leisure time, and community building, health preservation, and the ability to develop work capacity are socially negligible. One of our aims is to find out whether nonprofit-making sports organizations can compete in the nonprofit sector with other members of the sector, using the complex statistic database of the CSO recently issued for the nonprofit sector, we also show how these enterprises have undergone progress in recent years and what current social and economic weight they are as part of the third sector.

  • Experimental Study on the Effect of the Geometry of Punching Tool on Clinch Joints

    In this study the effect of the punching tool’s geometry on aluminum alloy clinch joints is analyzed by experiments. Based on FE simulations the tip radius and the cone angle of the punching tool is changed, and their effect was analyzed by microscopic investigations and single lap tensile-shear tests.

  • Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Clinched Joints

    In this study DP600 type of steel sheets were examined by experimental and numerical simulations. The clinch joint is can be created between thin sheets with a punching tool and a die during plastic deformation. The punching tool is deforming the sheets with a given force. The process is kind of a press forming joining technique which makes the joints defines by the tools. During the process the sheets are plastically deformed and the specific “S” shaped undercut is formed. This shape is one of the most essential geometrical parameter of the joints.

  • Effect of the Friction Coefficient on Clinch Joints

    In this study the effect of the friction coefficient on the clinch joints was examined in experimental and numerical way also. The knowledge of the frictional behaviour during the mechanical joining (i.e. clinching) is important from the point of view of resultant geometry which is related to and influence the strength of the joints, and furthermore the maximal forming force is limited by the tool’s failure load which can be reach with a non-favourable frictional condition, as well the aesthetic aspect are also has an importance in some special cases (e.g. in automotive industry).

  • Prediction of FLD using Abaqus and Gurson Model for Simple Flat Spacemen

    In the past century, in many industries, such as, metal forming industry, it has been important to predict ductile damage and fracture of metals under complex loadings. Regarding damage mechanics, one of the most classical models is the GTN, which was originated from Gurson and later enhanced by Tvergaard and Needleman. The inprovement was achieved by introducing an equivalent void volume fraction f and two more parameters called q1 and q2 into the yield function of Gurson’s model.

  • Agriculture and Seasonal Work - Features and Prospects

    In terms of employment specialities, certain sectors of agriculture may show quite a different picture. Especially the seasonal nature of employment, including day laborers and / daily work hireling nature deserves attention. In our country it has long tradition and can be directly linked to regional mobility and commuting trends since some people move near the western border to Austria for work. However, at the same time, near the eastern border, seasonal workers arrive from the East, which has an impact on the local labor markets, and for the lives of some settlements. In our study, we want to study and elaborate the specific details of these processes that connect the two countries and the issues of the advantages and disadvantages as well. In our paper we rely on literature data, private experiences, and the opinion of small scale farmers in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, who have experience in employing laborers on a seasonal basis.

  • The role of the nonprofit economic companies in human resource management in Hungary

    In the changed labor market structure in the context of economic growth in Hungary, the reintegration of displaced and increasingly differentiated groups into the world of work has become an indispensable necessity, with alternative initiatives aimed at long-term profit maximization. Nonprofit economic companies replacing former public benefit companies not only determine the revenues of the whole nonprofit sector in their operations, their work goes beyond this, as most of them are engaged in socially marginalized, disadvantaged, or even disabled people, and can do other work to improve employability and employment. The aim of my study was to process the latest statistical database of the nonprofit sector issued by the KSH in order to determine the role of nonprofit economic companies in employment, by appying secondary analysis.

  • The Operating and Financing Environmental of Local Public Transport

    In Hungary the financing of the local public transportation is becoming a great obligation for the public service providers. The institutional framework of the national segment is in line with the european standards, nevertheless based on the analysis of the revenues it is clear to see that the core problem is to be found in the hungarian compensation system. The free and reduced rate fares originating from the social fare subvention system need to be reviewed and the realistic adjustment of the price compensation is evitable, due to the fact that the volume of the state normative compensation is not able to reach the volume off loss in revenues in the local public transportation. The amount of compensation required by local governments is raising every year. Besides assuring the stable operation it is also important to maintain the high quality of services and improve the segment in order to raise the number of passangers.

  • Determination of Different Parameters to High Strength Steel Clinch Joints by FEA

    In this article the clinched joints were analyzed by finite element method (FEA). The base materials were advanced high strength steels (DP 600, DP 800 and DP 1000). The model validation procedure was done by the DP 600 type of steel sheets; the other two types of steel were only simulated. The goal was to determine the geometrical properties of the joints with different strength steels. The FEA model was the same in every mechanical point of view therefore the results are comparable. The main geometrical parameters of the clinch joints are the neck thickness (tN), the undercut (C), the bottom thickness (tB) and the height of the protrusion (h); these values were compared.

  • Quality Development of a New Type Pharmaceutical Formulation

    The aims of companies to understand internal and external customer demands in order to improve their existing products and develop new ones. Product development aims at understanding customer demands that may influence the production of the product to be manufactured. As a first step in the process, the customer voice method was used to define demands with measurable parameters. A questionnaire survey was used to prioritise them, which were then compared and ranked using a preference matrix. Within the QFD method, technical parameters influencing the satisfaction of customer demands were determined. A correlation matrix was established and the relationship between the technical parameters was investigated. A competition analysis of technical parameters and customer demands was carried out. From the absolute and relative weights, it is easy to establish the order of the technical parameters, so that the most important parameter in terms of meeting the defined customer demands is the determination of the ratio of raw materials, and important parameters are chemical stability, pharmaceutical formulation and particle size.

  • Quality Questions of Clinch Join

    This article deals with the quality of the clinch joints. Due to the volume of the production there is a need for the inspection of the joints and the monitoring of the joining process. Different producers give solutions for the inspection and monitoring and these solutions will be introduce through 1-1 example their importance.

  • Industry 4.0 Concept and Key Elements

    Growing and constantly changing international competition, increasing market volatility and demand for increasingly customised products (personalised manufacturing), and shorter product life cycles create significant challenges for companies that traditional production systems can no longer meet. Industry 4.0 is a new manufacturing paradigm focused on creating intelligent products and processes. The focus has been placed on achieving fully effective customised production under conditions suitable for mass production. Make-to-order replaces make-to-stock. Despite the growing interest in Industry 4.0, it is still not a consensual concept. There is no clear idea about this new manufacturing paradigm, so I attempt to present the available definitions of Industry 4.0 through the presentation of the scientific literature, declare the concept's technical elements, and present them in detail to get a clearer picture of the concept.

  • Examining Drone Logistics Solutions in Retail

    The possibilities of using drones in transportation will be determined by the capabilities of drone technology, legislation, various advocacy and trade unions, and the degree of general acceptance. Technology and infrastructure are given, customer habits and needs are favourable, and emissions generated by packets moving between two points are growing steadily. Despite these favourable conditions, the effects of drone use should be thoroughly reviewed. The environmental impacts of the project were analyzed by PEST analysis and the main influencing factors were studied using the Porter model. Concluding our results based on questionnaire surveys and feasibility examinations of fast food delivery, it can be said that a system based on drones can efficiently be operated and cost-effective using round trips, however, the legal issues and uncertainties that arise in the delivery of drone hippers remain a very significant hindering factor for a long time.

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