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The Typical Features of the Regional Specialization in Poultry-Farming in Hungary Today
Published August 21, 2020

The territorial location issues of livestock in the European Union and also in our country have got into the focus over the past few years. There are different animal structures in the regions of our country and different animal species have become dominant. The location and the development of certain animal types are affected by a number of so...cio-economic factors (the history of breeding, ownership, labour and capital assets, etc.). In the case of the spatially differentiated species-structure we have to reckon with a variable profitability, human resources, technical standards, different risk factors and market opportunities in the different regions. The topicality of the research theme is enhanced by the fact that nowadays the spatial structure of animal production has become a key issue. That is why more and more research is needed in Hungary, primarily research studying and analysing the structural changes and principals of animal production (poultry production) in order to ensure that each region would have a rational and efficient breed-structure. In addition, it is expected in modern market economies that the various regions should specialize in animal species, for which they have the most favourable breeding conditions. In order to follow the poultry stock changes (spatial and structural) in the last decade, it was important to consider the spatial specialization of different species over time.

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The Role of the so Called “Alternative Animal Species” (Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, Poultry, Rabbit) and their Products in the Regional Farming
Published August 6, 2020

traditi ons in each region. In addition, nowadays the infl uence of the so called invasive species is also decisive. The eff orts to protect the farming environment and the range of products have renewed those needs that return to the past traditi ons. Some examples of animal races and species are living their renaissance: jersey and hoary catt... le, “coloured” pigs (black and white belted pigs, Cornwall, Berkshire) There are getti ng also importance some parti ally forgott en sheep, goat, Hungarian hen, Hungarian giant rabbit and other species. The process is widened with the products manufactured from the menti oned animal species and the marketi ng: rural tourism, events, meeti ngs and rural development. This way, the special quality regional artisan products will enhance the development of a region; will sati sfy the export necessities, and enrich the product scale with diff erent “regional tastes”.

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