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Is migration hindering or assisting economic development? An analysis of international experiences
Published August 6, 2020

The economic and political transition taking place in Central-East Europe has brought about a lot of changes the consequences of which make an impact – among others – on the working conditions, income levels and general living conditions of the population. These changes helped to open up the economy as well as society and made it possible t...o enjoy a feeling of freedom in several realms of life. The question is how the individual is able to exploit this freedom in his own life situation? Of the possibilities brought by the EU accession in 2004, internal migration is getting more and more significant. Is this a new phenomenon characteristic of only Europe and why has it increased so much in the past decade? The issue of emigration must be tackled from several aspects of which I will focus on three in my present paper. These are the necessity of finding employment abroad, the options of the individual worker and the policies of the host country in assisting settlement of the immigrant. Earlier this year, with the help of a TEMPUS grant, I had the opportunity to take a study trip in Belgium specialising in this topic. I would also like to share the experiences of this one-week program with you.

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