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Verbal Event Detection in Hungarian Texts
Published August 6, 2020

The task of event deteci on is to ideni fy meni ons of events in texts. For the purposes of this task, an event meni on is any expression denoi ng an event or state that can be assigned to a pari cular point, or interval, in i me. In texts most event meni ons correspond to verbs, and most verbs introduce events. However this is not always the c...ase. Events can be introduced by noun phrases, and some verbs fail to introduce events. Events somei mes are expressed with muli word expressions. Muli word expressions (MWEs) are lexical units that consist of more than one orthographical word, i.e. a lexical unit that contains spaces. The task is the deteci on of events in texts. In this ari cle we paid at eni on with verbs and infi nii ves. We wrote Java program for this task. We introduce in this ari cle the principles and results of this applicai on.

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Semantic role labeling in natural texts
Published August 6, 2020

The event extraction and semantic role labeling are important areas in information extraction from natural language texts. Semantic role labeling, sometimes also called shallow semantic parsing, is a task in natural language processing consisting of the detection of the semantic arguments associated with the predicate or verb of a sentence and ...their classification into their specific roles. We created a program for this task in Java language, in which we applied data
mining and artificial intelligence algorithms. We introduce in this article the principles and results of this application.

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