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Évf. 15 szám 2 (2017): Gyepgazdálkodási Közlemények (GS-17)
Cikk (Article)

Rangeland utilization by beef cattle in the dry Savanna areas of Southern Africa

Megjelent június 14, 2021
Prof. Chris Danhauser
Roelf Coetzee
Dr. Orosz Szilvia
Hajnáczki Sándor
Dr. Penksza Károly

A literature review was done on the selection and utilization of grass species by beef cattle in the Limpopo province. The literature study was complimented by research done on the Towoomba Research station and the University of Limpopo, both in Limpopo Province, in South Africa. The Province is well known for its low rainfall and good quality rangeland. The main aim was to categorize the most important grass species in different utilization (palatability) classes. The thirteen grass species which were under investigation could be classified as follows: Highly palatable species: Panicum maximum and Urochloa mosambicensis; Palatable species: Digitaria eriantha, Heteropogon contortus, Schmidtia pappophoroides and Themeda triandra. Less palatable: Trachypogon spicatus and Themeda triandra and Least palatable: Eragrostis rigidior, Hyparrhenia hirta, Pogonarthria squarrosa, Melinus repens and the Aristida species.