Évf. 14 (2022): Konferencia Különszám


Smart against ageism: an overview of age discrimination in Portugal

Megjelent december 1, 2022
Dantas Carina
SHINE 2Europe, Coimbra, Portugal
, Louceiro Juliana
SHINE 2Europe, Coimbra, Portugal
, Machado Natália
SHINE 2Europe, Coimbra, Portugal
ageing ageism discrimination inclusion
Hogyan kell idézni
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Dantas, C., Louceiro, J., & Machado, N. (2022). Smart against ageism: an overview of age discrimination in Portugal. Magyar Gerontológia, 14(Kulonszam), 25–29. https://doi.org/10.47225/mg/14/Kulonszam/12160

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Negative stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination on the ground of age, known as “ageism” have been shown to cause cardiovascular stress, lowered levels of self-efficacy and decreased productivity[1]. Across the EU, policies and practices still reflect ageist prejudices and deprioritise, disregard, or even exclude older adults in different ways.